Rush'n Attack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
The high scores
First objective: Rescue the captives
Starting location

Arcade version

Title screen (European and Japanese versions)
Title screen
P.O.W.s to rescue
Game starts
Run and slash
Missile truck
Gun makes skeleton
Ready to launch!
Game Over
Stage 1 finished
Stage 2 - Harbor
Boss Fight 2: Dogs
Stage 3: Airport/Bridge
Boss Fight 3: Autogyro
Stage 4: Warehouse/Enemy Base
Boss Fight 4: Flamethrower Corps

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Starting out
I am knifing the enemy.
This is not good.
Game over

BBC Micro version

Title screen
Starting out; the game runs at an extremely high pace
Stabbing a man turns him an opaque pink
Out of the missile base
In the woods
Reached the enemy barracks

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Starting out
Lots of "action"
I think that's suposed to be bushes. Or grass. Or a forest.
This is how far I could get.
Level 2

Commodore 64 version

Your mission is clear
Stage 1
Nice view of the mountains
Isn't that lovely? You and a soldier embracing yourselves
I wonder what these missiles are used for
What appears after a stage is complete
Stage 2
Fighting on the waterfront
"Sick him, my pets"
Stage 3
I bet I could parachute down to the ground and drop bombs like him
Helicopters attempting to destroy you
Stage 4
What are those things called?
What's on the other side of that wall?
A warning that you have to complete all stages again
Loader (US version)

DOS version

Setup Menu
Konami Logo Title (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Select Difficulty (EGA)
Title screen (European release, CGA and EGA)
The opening sequence for a new game (EGA)
Start Level 1 (EGA)
Killed by Enemy (EGA)
1st round (EGA)
Game over (EGA)
Konami Logo Title (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Select Difficulty (CGA)
The opening sequence for a new game (CGA)
Start Level 1 (CGA)
Killed by Enemy (CGA)
The enemy has more powerful weapons as you go on (CGA)
Now you have a flame thrower (CGA)
Running along the platform (CGA)
Game over (CGA)

MSX version

Title Screen
Keyboard or Joystick
Kill the Ruskies
Get the bazooka

NES version

Title screen (Famicom Disk System version)
Stage 1
Watch out for the bombs
Nice view of the mountains
Rocket Launch Area
The "Well Done!" screen
Stage 2
Stepped on a bomb
Stage 3
Stage 4
On top of a barbed-wire fence
Hmm... must be near a forest
Stage 5
Stage 6
Destroy the rocket

Thomson TO version

Loading screen
Title screen
Climbing ladder
Bullets whistling above your beret
This looks like a...
Got the bazooka, ducking to avoid bullets.
What's this? A man holding a lever?

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
First stage about to begin.
Stage 1 - using a knife to stab an enemy soldier.
Stage 1 - watch out for incoming mortar attack!
Stage 1 - the flame thrower is quite effective weapon.
Stage 1 - standing on top of the missile truck.
Stage 1 - some defenders can jump & kick.
Stage 1 - this car is full of enemy reinforcements.
Stage 2 - climbing up the ladder to avoid a mine.
Stage 2 - dodge a bullet by lying on the ground.
Stage 2 - a parachutist is able to drop bombs.
Stage 2 - currently armed with a powerful bazooka.
Stage 2 - fighting with a group of furious dogs.
Stage 3 - trying to catch the commander.
Stage 3 - contact with an enemy trooper is deadly.
Stage 3 - my jump will probably end on a mine.
Stage 3 - on a low platform surrounded by trees.
Stage 3 - the bridge is guarded by three choppers.
Stage 4 - throwing a grenade to clear my way.
Stage 4 - just found another military installation.
Stage 4 - looks like my enemies are endless.
Stage 4 - a rocket will disable both mine & mortar.
Stage 4 - being kicked in the head by a fast jumper.
Stage 4 - encounter with the hostile flame thrower.