PAL version

The PAL version of the game featured less memory capacity compared to American counterpart. As a result, in PAL version at the end of the game Rygar could accumulate up to 1023 attack and defense points. In American version this value could go as high as 4000. The same was true with Rygar's hitpoints: 8 in PAL version and 12 in American one.

This made clearing the last area of the game, Ligar's Castle, unreasonably hard in PAL version, as Rygar would die in 2-3 hits. The hardest challenge, however, awaited the players who reached the final boss, Ligar.

Ligar would shoot multiple projectiles without a pattern, killing Rygar off in 3-7 hits (depending on Rygar's setup for the final battle), and himself requires 33 hits (or more, again depending on Rygar's setup) to be killed. This makes completing PAL version a very tough challenge. There are people, however, who have done it, and you can find their videos on the Internet, if you're interested.

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