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Back of Box - CD Version (UK):
    At 19.07 on the 5th May 1980, John Dellow of the Metropolitan Police signed a document passing control of the Iranian Embassy siege to LT. COL. H. M. Ross. He sent in three, four-man teams (Sabre Teams) of 22 S.A.S., the rest is history.

    For many the S.A.S. are the black-clad rescuers of the Princes' Street siege depicted by the B.B.C. as the pictures of the last minutes were relayed live around the world.

    We as mere mortals can only wonder at the exploits of this most professional and highly-trained fighting force as officially it does not exist.

    This simulation is based on the information that is available and is produced by people who have a great deal of admiration for those whom they will never know.

    "A gripping and engaging game... A strong strategy element combines with arcade action to produce a real winner." PC Power 90%

    "This is highly-enjoyable and better than many other strategy games available." PC Player 4/5

    Contributed by Rambutaan (446) on Jan 26, 2005.

Unknown Source:
    You are in charge of a squad of four professional fighters, a unit of the U.K.'s Special Aire Services - the Sabre Team. It is your responsibility to choose the right men for your team, arm them from an arsenal of weapons, and guide them on a successful tour of duty. Their missions? To infiltrate the Bristish Embassy and rescue hotsages, battle terrorists aboard a cruise ship, rescue P.O.W.'s from captivity deep in the jungle, and more...

    Careful planning, cunning strategy, and of course, a quick joystick-trigger finger are what's necessary to make you a master Sabre Team Commander. You have what it takes... now can you take what it's got?

    Contributed by Jeff Sinasac (409) on May 23, 2000.