Sabre Team Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen (AGA version)
Difficulty selection (AGA version)
Intro - Masked man (AGA version)
Intro - Ninja training? (AGA version)
Intro - More masked men with guns (AGA version)
Mission introduction (AGA version)
The good, the bad and the hostage (AGA version)
Options screen (AGA version)
Soldier and his equipment (AGA version)
Soldier selection (AGA version)
Soldier profile (AGA version)
Mission screen (AGA version)
Soldier deployment (AGA version)
Icon menu (AGA version)
Weapons information (AGA version)

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen introduction
Sabre Team
Language selection
Introduction scene 1
Introduction scene 2
Introduction scene 3
Introduction scene 4
Introduction scene 5
Game start
End of round options
Inside the embassy
End of round screen
Soldier description
Killed one enemy
Enemy killed one of us
Mission failed

Atari ST version

Title screen
Copy protection
Background story
Color coded men
Main menu
Selecting men for your team
Inspecting one possible team member
Choosing equipment
Placing your men before the mission starts
Every turn starts with this menu
Lets move
Loading the gun
Just when I spot an enemy I run out of action points
This screen shows what the unseen hostages/enemies does
Enemy firing at me
I will shot at him 6 times just to be sure that I kill him
Enemy down
Here you can see how well the men are doing

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro Screen
Mission Briefing
Select Your team
Check Each Members Info
Equip Your Team
Main Game Screen
Check Your Map