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SaGa Frontier Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Choosing one of the seven characters.
Rikki comes from a dying world.
The elder tells Rikki to find magic rings with which they might be able to save Margmel.
After an accident, Asselus wakes up in this strange world as a "Half Mystic".
T260 is a robot who has lost his memory circle/unit/chip thingy.
Lute sets out to explore the world.
Red seeks revenge for his family's death.
Emelia is falsely accused of murdering her fiancé.
Blue has to become a powerful magician - and murder his brother Rouge.
Overworld - outside the village that T260 was found at.
Inside a bar at the robot fighting arena.
Combat - special attacks are accompanied by lots of special effects.
Monsters are always visible.
Human characters can spontaneously learn new abilities during combat.
One of many beautiful and detailed backgrounds.
Rikki uses a special ability that improves the defense of the entire party.
Traveling sequence
A look at my party - up to 15 characters may join
Exploring a wrecked ship
Battle skills of my "Suzaku" monster
Buying magic
Managing skills
Status of a robot member of my team
Targeting a "Straysheep". Also note the dog