Sam & Max: Hit the Road Screenshots

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DOS version

Title screen
Intro: nefarious plans!..
Our heroes in full-screen glory during the intro
A stylish-black white collage of scenes greets you before you start playing
Starting in the office. Sam and Max like sharing their impressions
Outside of the office. Anything can happen in the world of Sam and Max - including kittens talking in gruff macho voices
Talking to Max. Note the dialogue icons. The duck icon can be used to say weird things - just like now
Sam comments upon an object he sees in the store
A minigame: jump over obstacles and steer the car to avoid them!
You can pick up Max and use him as an action icon. Try that on different objects for humorous remarks
At the carnival
Your inventory, consisting of neatly arranged tiles
Engaging in a conversation with the Human Enigma - a man with a water tap instead of a head. All he says is "Drip" - albeit in various intonations!
Talking the Love Tunnel. Hmm, I wonder what lies behind that secret door?..
Minigame: Whack-A-Rat! How utterly ingenious!..
This is the World of Fish. As you can see, Max will freely walk around and poke at things regardless of Sam's actions
Talking to the tour guard at World's Largest Ball of Twine
On top of the Ball of Twine. An example of using an inventory item - don't worry, this is not a solution to a puzzle!..
Using the binoculars. Hmm... how can I stop them from spinning wildly?..
Conversing with a possible Sikh who can bend tools with the power of his mind, and also swears a lot
You can play the game in stylish black and white!..
Welcome to the Gator Golf! Alligators and golf - a match made in heaven!..
Some scenes in the game firmly follow the spirit of good old cartoon violence
Outside of the Mystery Vortex - my favorite location in the game!
I expected Sam to say that! Notice how both Sam and Max grow and shrink uncontrollably
You navigate between locations by using this map. Locations begin to pile up as you approach the final third or so of the game
Max can be very eloquent sometimes, and also emotionally fragile
Welcome to the Bumpusville - one of the game's major locations
Listening to a hilariously bad song performed by Conroy Bumpus, an evil country singer!
A very funny show performed by mounted animal heads, with the word "Edutainment" suddenly appearing - only in this game
Sometimes you need to be creative to get what you want
This puzzle involves programming a robot to perform certain actions. It is actually quite easy
Sam is fighting a fearsome dragon in virtual reality!
You can try to "pick up" people. Sam will sometimes respond to that
The heroes of the game will often spout complete nonsense
Sam makes a wise remark during a dialogue with a bratty kid
Displaying an active Talk icon in this marvelous world of vegetables
What a disguise! Ingenious!..
Sometimes, there are too many dialogue topics to fit on one screen