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    Live by the sword, die by the sword in the latest in SNK's fast-paced fighting series

    Long respected among fighting fans, Sumurai Shodown is back - and the fifth instalment
    refines the series' fighting system yet further.

    It's now possible to meditate mid-battle, tipping the balance in your favour, and slow down
    time for your opponent.

    Nuances from previous versions also remain, making it possible to down arms and fight
    unarmed, or even commit suicide if one's honour demands it. Offering a truly distinctive
    take on a much-loved genre, Samurai Shodown 5 promises to be the best yet.

    • The latest in SNK's long-running 2D fighting series

    • 24 beautifully drawn characters offer plenty of variety

    Contributed by DreinIX (10673) on Feb 20, 2008.