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This game is less demanding than its predecessor HAMURABI: on the easiest skill level it is possible to win by solely falling back on the default values suggested (or, as code-porter Thomas Knox put it, "If you're on the Apprentice level and just keep smacking Enter, you will eventually win.") However, while this technique will succeed, it only does so gradually -- in a multiplayer game, virtually any right-headed human input by a competitor will trump this approach, relegating its timid advocate to runner-up status, at best.

Source code

Thomas Knox ported this game (with permission) from George Blank's original TRS-80 BASIC to ANSI-C in 2000, releasing it under the GNU General Public License; this code was the basis for modern Windows, OSX and Linux releases of this game and can be read or downloaded here.

Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (63202) on May 09, 2006. [revised by : Alaka (77264)]. -- edit trivia