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Savage Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
option screen
Level 1,1
Level 1,2

Atari ST version

Part 1 title screen
Game start
The door is largely symbolic here
Collecting a boost
The invincibility period after you die
Up a level
Timed jumps here
Game over
Level 2 start
Taking out a skull
Hit a monolith
Level 3 menu
The eagle has landed
Flying down
Power-up freed
This guy's big

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Beginning of game 1
The second boss fight
Found a protective power-up
The pillars begin to sink when you stand on them.
Did it
A code for game 2

DOS version

Main Menu
Game introduction
Part 1 introduction
Part 1 shot
Part 1 shot
Part 2 introduction
Part 2 shot
Part 3 shot
Part 3 shot
Intro Sequence (EGA)
Level 1 (EGA)
More of level 1 (EGA)
Level 2 (EGA)
More of Level 2 (EGA)
Level 3 (EGA)
More of level 3 (EGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
Title screen.