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Sayonara no Mukō-gawa Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Very plain main menu
Occasionally you'll get to save the game
A photo of Ayano - your deceased wife
Sometimes you'll get to choose which location to visit
Is this some Kharmic-Chi love thing happening here baby or what...
Punching your boss for trying to sexually assault that poor girl
Office romance
Nice mug
There, there, don't cry
Completing the game unlocks the CG menu, some are explicit like this one
Some just sweet

PC-98 version

Title screen
The proposal
Kyouhei and Ayano
Pre-marital sex is cool
The wedding
The grief...
Two years later. Ayano's little sister
In the kitchen
You'll also meet male friends...
...and co-workers
Obligatory sexy-nerdy colleague
Nobody plays hentai games to see such a guy
A scene with a close-up
Classic shower moment...
...which turns into sex
Someone prepared breakfast for me
Protect the girl!..
...and receive gratitude
Living room with a piano
A romantic moment
You aren't the only one having sex here
A meeting
Now this is really, really disturbing...
Your quasi-sister invites you to her room...
...and you two have sex. Typical, no?
Glasses & passion
Dramatic moment...
...turns into sex, again