Scapeghost Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Chapter selection
Joe Danby's grave
Joe Danby
Edna and Bert Willmot
Church poster
Ruined church
Old village
Car headlights
Abandoned house
Terrible ghost

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
The three game modes
November spawned a monster in this one
Going to your funeral
The gnonom helps boost your strength
Starting to make up for lost senses
Friendly old Joe enters the story
Nice place to spend eternity
Edna won't join your quest for now
Characters think for themselves, as far as you let them
Everyone knows someone like that
It was like that when I got here
You can find a way to open the lock
As I've done now
Good boy
Start of part 2
A different atmosphere today
The significance of this place soon becomes clear
Water everwhere

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
So I'm a ghost... or have I been buried alive?

Atari ST version

Color monitor: title screen
Choosing episode
A weird situation
Following the detective
No entrance here at the moment
The traditional first words in a text adventure
Monochrome monitor: title screen. Dithering is very(!) bad
At least the text is readable (Monochrome)
These are faces (Monochrome)

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The beginning location
You found your own grave? uh oh!!
Exploring this cemetery a bit...
There are many locations each with different graphics
The beginning locations take place in a cemetery

DOS version

A bewildering array of graphics modes offered
Episode selection (VGA)
Beginning of episode 1 -- November Graveyard (VGA)
Episode selection (EGA)
Beginning of episode 2 -- Haunted House (EGA)
Episode selection (MGA)
Beginning of episode 3 -- Poltergeist (MGA)
Beginning of episode 1 -- November Graveyard (CGA)
CGA text-only mode, 80-column

ZX Spectrum version

Welcome and introductory text
Starting off at one's own grave
The detective is rather happy about our death.
The prompt has changed.