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Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro, with ocean-themed trappings
The class arrives at the Sandy Beach area
Scrolling to the left reveals more clickable items and characters
Ms. Frizzle announces a Treasure Hunt
This crab wasn't quick enough to duck down a hole
Finishing a minigame level wins the player a "fish card"
One of several activities - building a sand castle
In this Ride the Tide game, the player must guide the fish through varying water levels
Out in the Open Ocean; when the player clicks on a sea creature, the characters gather around and exchange bits of information about it
These rather beautiful diatoms become jigsaw puzzles
Clicking on the puzzle pieces will rotate them until a correct fit is achieved
A view of the Deep Ocean and its denizens
In the Luminous minigame the player moves a hatchet fish through the dark water, searching for friendly light patterns
The Hot Vents, deep in the ocean
Clicking the lantern fish will open its jaws, allowing it to gulp down prey
The Magic School Bus Diver's License
From the front of the bus the player can navigate, save/quit, adjust sound, check clues...
...and discover fun facts about ocean life
From the back of the bus, the player can perform experiments matching the ocean zone he is in
In this experiment the player adjusts wind and ocean floor slope to produce a perfect wave for Liz to surf
Scrolling to the right reveals the Report Monitor