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Atari Cyberweek

Scott Adams' Graphic Adventure #5: The Count Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Main Menu
Title Screen
Text mode
Starting Out in Bed
Out of Bed
Wandering Down a Hallway
In the Kitchen
Hiding in a Dumb-Waiter
Up in the Pantry
At the Front Door
Exploring a Pantry
I Explore the Dungeon
It's Too Dark to See

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Welcome to the game! Now remember, don't copy that floppy!
Beginning the game in bed.
Wandering down a hallway.
Hmm, I see nothing special in this room...
The game switches between illustrated and text modes.
Not much on these shelves...or is there?
Oh no, too dark to see!
What a creepy looking door...
Trying to make an escape out the window, huh?
Nice portrait of the count
Oops, this adventure is over!

FM-7 version

Title screen
Starting.. errr... position
Same thing, "off color" mode
Finally! I got up! What an achievement!
Dungeon... right. I need to get out of here
Wooden doors. How to open them?..
Ooookay... but why game over?..
Where to turn, where to turn?..
I ate too much Hunan food
Mysterious device
Yikes! Is this... him?..