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S.C.Out Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Short intro with the arriving spaceship.
Title screen
Main menu
Starting the first level
Collect the bomb and place it next to the Alien.
A small key should be used in the terminal.
Being transported through the electrical line.
Just explored a labyrinth full of green bushes.
Don't shoot on rocks or they'll start to multiply.
Every air ventilator in this room is working.
Lost a life after collision with a moving enemy.
The rockets are good for removing obstacles.
In the middle of seemingly deserted area
This location is occupied by one guardian.
How to get easily a key without being killed?
The Alien surrounded by a lot of explosives.
My spaceship & five different one-way roads.
Another Alien was destroyed by the bomb.
One bad move caused a huge detonation.
Looks like I'm completely trapped here!
Preparing to pursue two vehicles on the right.
That green switch must be hit with a rocket.
Carefully examining a vast forest like level.
Ready to enter the electrical line system.
All bullets are bounced back by the deflector.
Located in area with a lot of warning signs.
Using the guns to stop tens of fast enemies.
Just found another useful device - teleport.