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    In 1941 Hitler looked to the East. He saw the vast resources of the Soviet Union: the broad Russian bread basket in the Ukraine, oil in the Caucasus Mountains. The great prize that was Russia would be his for the taking. German intelligence revealed that Stalin was reorganizing the Soviet military. Soon, the uneasy peace on the Eastern Front would be shattered. If Russia was to be taken, this was the time to act.

    On June 22, 1941, Hitler acted: Operation Barbarossa was launched and for six long months German troops plowed through the Soviet Union - only to be stopped by Soviet stalwarts at the very gates of Moscow!

    For the advanced wargamer, "Second Front: Germany turns East" is a division-level strategic game on a grand scale. The map extends from Berlin in the West to Stalingrad in the East, and covers the entire Russian Front. Players command over 150 German divisions and over 200 Soviet divisions, with asset information available to the individual tank, plane and infantry squad level.

    Direct a variety of air operations such as interdiction, airlifts, and strategic bombing. Use pop-up menus to exercise complete control over your production facilities or sit back and let the computer handle production. Call up such vital information as enemy controlled areas, supply levels, and unit readiness and experience levels. During combat you determine the level of detail in the combat reports you receive.

    History is now yours to rewrite - like never before!

    [Complete text is from back cover of the game box.]

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