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In Second Life you are dropped into a virtual world with the ability to perform a variety of actions You can socialize, play games, fight, listen to music, shop, or just hang out. You can also create objects and scripts in-game using the built-in script editor, which uses Linden Lab's own Linden Scripting Language (LSL For short) to allow you to essentially let you make whatever you want, provided you remain within the rules given.

The game also has a solid avatar system, in which you can attach any object you create (or 'rez', which here means to generate, if you already have it in your inventory) to an appendage of your body. This feature can be used in creative ways, producing avatars such as robots, zombies, even furries (anthropomorphic animals).

The object building system is very simple, similar to a 3D modeling program, in which the 'player' uses primitive objects, or prims (such as squares, circles, or triangles, for example), to piece together an object. With LSL, this could be anything, from something as simple as a physics-enabled beach ball, to a drivable robot.

There is a ratings system enforced at all times, with two ratings: PG and Mature. PG could be anything from G through PG-13 as far as content is concerned, and mature simulators (or sims, the places that the areas of the game are divided into), can have anything R rated and up. The teen version naturally only has PG rated sims so concerned parents need not worry. It is considered an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and thus is internet-only, although some things such as sound production and creating animations must be made separate from the Second Life application itself.

There are various groups in the game. Anyone with 100 Lindens (in-game currency) can start up a group, and anyone can join one. The leader of a group (and the group's council if it has one) can decide to hide it from public view or only allow certain people to join by way of invitation. A group member or council member has a title above their username (for example, in the Junkyard Furrys group, a member has Furry-4-Life above his or her name) that classifies them as such.

There is an in-game economy, and real cash can be exchanged for in-world cash, and vice versa. You can buy or rent a piece of land, much like in real life, with increasing prices, relevant to the amount of land you're purchasing or renting.

One needs a premium account (starts at $10 per month) to own land, but a premium account comes with a complementary 512 m² of land. Additional land, as well as other account-related options, are changeable on the official website.

It is possible to sell items you create in-game in a shop, either rented or purchased, so theoretically, if someone's in-game business was successful enough, he or she could sell all their in-game cash and live off of the resulting cash in real life.

Payment is accepted with a credit card, but when selling money you can either have the real life money charged to your PayPal account or have a check sent to you.


Second Life Windows Taking a look around the castle
Second Life Windows Inside some kind of mall - poor Santa
Second Life Windows Where should I go
Second Life Windows Sitting at a cozy fire next to a gorilla

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Second Life plays a major role in the CSI: NY episode Down the Rabbit Hole (Episode 5 of Season 4). The Head CSI, Mac Taylor (played by Gary Sinise), has to play the game to solve the case.

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