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The Secret of Monkey Island Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction scene
Chapter one begins
Entering the SCUMM bar
Talking to a pirate
The story unfolds (cutscene)
Outside the SCUMM Bar.
Inside the kitchen.
Talking to the Pirate leaders.
Ask me about Loom.
Talking with a pirate.
The town.
Exploring the town.
The church.
Visiting the local jail.
Sheriff Fester Shinetop - he's a real jerk!
On the docks.
Overhead map of Melee Island TM.
A circus tent.
Guybrush just got shot out of the cannon.
In the forest.
Crossing the rope line to Hook Isle.
Talking with Meat Hook.
Inside the shop.
The Swordmaster's home.
Carla, the Swordmaster.
A reference to the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade adventure game.
Inside the governor's mansion.
Wait, was that a troll, or just George Lucas in a costume?
Outside the sword trainer's home.
Guybrush faces off against the fencing machine.
A sword fighting insult sequence.
On the way to the governor's mansion.
Can you get past the guard dogs?
Governor Marley makes her entrance.
Governor Marley and an Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference.
Can Guybrush really hold his breath for that long?
A "love" scene with the governor.
Title Screen - Running on an Amiga 1200. Extra animation details appear on some scenes on faster Amigas. Here you can see the moving clouds that are not present on a stock Amiga 500.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Guybrush announces his ambition
Guybrush getting his fortune told
Sword training
The ghost pirate LeChuck in his lair
Part One: The Three Trials
Start on dock.
The world famous SCUMM Bar!
Pirate low-lifes.
A pirate.
Another pirate.
Loon refugee.
Pirate leaders.
Overhead view of the island.
A clearing.
Circus tent.
The immortal line - "I'm selling these fine leather jackets!"
The "troll" at the bridge reveals that he's just a guy in troll outfit.
Stan's previously owned vessals.
Checking out the ships at Stan's.
A home.
The forest.
More of the forest.
Talking with a pirate on the road.
It's Hook Island!
City streets.
More buildings.
The sherif. He's a jerk.
Road to governor's mansion.
Governor's Mansion.
Inside the governor's mansion.
The cute governor makes her entrance.
The beautiful governor and a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
The sheriff gloats.
This could be trouble...
Title Screen (Hi-Res)
First Chapter (Hi-Res)
Black and White Sea (Hi-Res)
The SCUMM bar (Hi-Res)
Bearded Pirate (Hi-Res)
In-game Loom advertisement (Hi-Res)

DOS version

Title Screen
Game Start - At the docks
Any Monkey Island fan should know this line by heart...
Guybrush finds a decent looking pirate
Important-looking pirates
Wanna buy a map?
House of Mojo
From left to right: The path to Elaine's mansion, the prision, and the church.
Exploring Melee Island - walking on the map, accessing points of interest
The troll of the bridge
Stan's previously owned vessels
Guybrush meets with governor Elaine Marley
Captain Smirk's Strong Body Pirate Gym
The Circus
That must've hurt! In case your wondering...the replies are "Where's my helmet" and "My name is Bobbin. Are you my mother?" (A line from Loom)
Outside the Governor's mansion - Animal rights notice
Training melee combat
Nearing the end of Act I. Guybrush has accumulated an embarrassing amount of inventory items. And he can perform such acrobatic moves, too!..
The best part of Monkey Island: Combating other pirates!
Close-up of Guybrush Threepwood
Act II is the journey to Monkey Island (TM). It opens with Guybrush the Captain in his cabin. He comments upon the bed
Talking to the mutinous crew. It was so hard to get them all together, and now they are being... mutinous!..
Nice scene up on the mast. Guybrush will sometimes share his thoughts with the player
Act III takes place on Monkey Island. It opens with this... interesting situation
Exploring Monkey Island. Vultures are flying above...
The lookout point on Monkey Island
One of the game's numerous cutscenes. Herman Toothrot explains to Guybrush what happened to his mate. Pretty dark humor here...
Visiting the Village of the Cannibals
A dialogue late in Act III. The final (and shortest) Act IV will begin soon. Typical Monkey Island humorous choices
The Software Toolworks' five-language CD-ROM version
Title Screen (EGA version)
The SCUMM Bar (EGA version)
The fort on Monkey Island (EGA version)
Monkey Island lookout (EGA version)
Meeting Elaine (EGA version)
The EGA version supported CGA graphics as well--Title screen
Any Monkey Island fan should know this line by heart... (EGA version with CGA card)
Game Start - At the docks (EGA version with CGA card)
The SCUMM Bar (EGA version with CGA card)
Guybrush finds a decent looking pirate (EGA version with CGA card)
Important-looking pirates (EGA version with CGA card)
Wanna buy a map? (EGA version with CGA card)
House of Mojo (EGA version with CGA card)
Title Screen (EGA version with Hercules card)
Any Monkey Island fan should know this line by heart... (EGA version with Hercules card)
Game Start - At the docks (EGA version with Hercules card)
The SCUMM Bar (EGA version with Hercules card)

FM Towns version

Title screen
The game starts with this immortal phrase
Dialogue choices in English
In a church. Note the slightly different and improved font of the commands in the FM Towns version
Visiting Otis in prison. There is more music in the FM Towns version compared to the PC floppy release. Not to mention it's CD quality
The deadly piranha poodles
Talking to the Voodoo Lady
At the SCUMM bar
Ask me about Loom!..
Meanwhile, under Monkey Island...
Melee Island overworld
Guybrush considers a circus career
I think I'll need that famous item to get through...
Talking to the troll
You can play the whole game in Japanese
Note the graphical design of inventory items in this version, as opposed to words in the PC floppy release
Japanese dialogue choices
The game boots into the Towns OS, here you can choose the language of the game - Japanese or English
Meeting Carla the Sword Master
Swordfighting is kinda like making love. It's not what you do but what you say what's important
There is a way to die in this game, Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes, after that he actually drowns and the verb menu changes into various morbid actions
Behold the murderous winged devil, also note the different hunk of meat icon in this version
Directions to Monkey Island
In the kitchen of the Sea Monkey ship
Jab at Sierra games. Don't worry though, no Guybrushes were hurt during the making of this screenshot as he landed on a rubber tree
Giant monkey head, hey there's a Sam & Max idol
Inside the Monkey head cave, notice in the FM Towns version the inventory icons are in EGA (16 colors)
On board LeChuck's ghost ship, you can't really tell but there's supposed to be a sign there
Crashing the wedding, there's a reference to the 1967 movie "The Graduate" where Dustin Hoffman's character interrupts Elaine's wedding by running into the church, yelling "Elaine!"
Ain't that the truth

Macintosh version

Title screen
The game starts with this classic line.
At the docks of MeleƩ Island.
Entering the SCUMM bar.
One of the patrons at the SCUMM bar.
Meeting with important looking pirates.
LeChuck's ship
LeChuck himself.
No, I don't want to buy a map!
The church.
In the jail.
Meeting in the alley.
The road to the governor's mansion.
Those poodles really are dangerous.
Overview of MeleƩ Island.
The circus
Being insulted by a troll.
Beautiful close up of our hero.

SEGA CD version

Produced by Sega
Developed by Lucasfilm Games
In the caribbean
Title screen with credits
Game start
In the SCUMM bar
The first pirate to talk to
Another pirate
Typical alleyway
Someone lures me into a dark corner
Beware of the poodles
In the church
The merchant
The sheriff
Voodoo lady
Sword fighting.
Captain's Cabin.
On deck with your crew of lazy bums.
In the crow's nest.
Below deck.
The ship's kitchen.
Cargo hold.
On the shore of Monkey Island (TM)!
Over head view of Monkey Island (TM)!
Steep cliff.
Of course it wouldn't be Monkey Island, without a monkey or two...