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NES 8 2.6
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Combined User Score 8 2.6

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NESTilt (May, 1990)
Section Z rappelle un peu Side Arms, un autre shoot-them-up de Capcom. L'action est rapide et les aliens sont assez variés. Mais l'originalité de ce soft tient à la complexité de ce labyrinthe infernal. Il est conseillé d'établir une carte des lieux, sinon vous risquez fort de tourner en rond. C'est un programme efficace et vous ne viendrez pas rapidement à bout des trois planètes qui renferment un labyrinthe différent.
NESPower Play (Jun, 1990)
Für Ballerspielfreunde wird hier einiges geboten. Eigentlich schon ein Muß sind die mit verschiedenen Taktiken zu bekämpfenden Gegner und eine wechselnde, interessante Grafik. Ein neuer Spielgedanke hingegen ist dagegen das Labyrinth in "Section Z". Bis man erst mal herausgefunden hat, welche Transporter zu den verschiedenen Abschnitten führen, wird einige Zeit vergehen.
NESRetrospekt (May 10, 2010)
With a whole heap of weapons available, and the ability to upgrade both weapons and your player, it’s a pretty cool game. Section Z is fairly difficult but if you persist at it you will gain the skills you need to complete it.
A few power-ups are available, in the form of speed, stronger weapons, and limited special weapons. Players will have to gain these to stand a chance as sections get more difficult. Solid music rounds out a somewhat different shooter experience.
50 (May, 2013)
To Section-Z‘s credit, there’s nothing else like it on the NES. It’s a unique take on the shooter genre that impresses with its creativity. But innovative ideas don’t excuse the game’s overbearing difficulty, especially when the game asks you to beat it all at once. No passwords, no save points, nothing (apparently, the Famicom Disk System version of Section-Z had save points… *sigh*). Even with the awesome weapon upgrades, pulsating music, and solid controls, I found Section-Z to be more trouble than it’s worth. A disappointing, if noble effort.
NESTotal!! UK Magazine (Oct, 1993)
Narrowly avoids the scrap-heap and manages to scrape in as a game worth playing if you can't find anything else. All right for a bit of shooting practice, but that's all it's got to offer.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Apr 17, 2006)
As you blast formations of generic objects, it's possible (but difficult) to acquire power-ups that boost your speed, energy, or firepower. Your ship can absorb several hits, but remarkably, your health isn't displayed anywhere on the screen! You'll find two exits at the end of each tunnel, but while these are meant to make the game less linear, they're actually very annoying. Determining where each exit leads requires trial and error, and you'll often inadvertently return to areas you've already completed! Talk about aggravating! And instead of gradually increasing in difficulty, Section Z places you in impossible situations in the early going. The game doesn't make much sense, and the instruction manual is equally incomprehensible. I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in this clunker.