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3x3 Eyes: Seima Densetsu Screenshots (SEGA CD)

User Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Title screen. Doesn't look particularly impressive...
Intro. Fujii meets Pai in Tibet
Yakumo is delighted to talk to Pai...
Cut scene: Yakumo and Pai
Monster assault
History of the Three-eyed ones
Starting the game
In a shop
Sanjiyans cause death and destruction...
The two heroes
Character information
Found a secret room with lots of treasure
Your base, Monster Hunting building
Talking to Lingling
Harbor area
Can't enter: people are busy!
In a dungeon: building basement
Battle against three flamingo-like birds
Animated automatic attack sequence
Hong-Kong airport
Yakumo's room. Pai looks surprised
Parking lot in Tokyo
Fighting random demons on the streets of Tokyo
A battle in a school, with a nice view. Pai chooses one of her magic spells
Entrance to a mysterious tower
Violet monster attacks Yakumo on the world map
Dog races in Macao - a gambling mini-game
World map, Hong-Kong area
Cursed Fountain River - a spooky place
Disco in Tokyo
Boss battle against a treasure keeper