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Joypad (Sep, 1993)
Malgré des ralentissements, spécialement au troisième niveau, et un déplacement du sprite qui ne va pas toujours aussi vite qu'on le souhaiterait, Bari Arm n'en demeure pas moins un shoot them up excellent, se jouant sur deux écran de hauteur à la Thunder Force IV, le meilleur après Silpheed, bien entendu. Il faut aussi regretter qu'il y ait si peu de niveaux, et que le jeu se termine aussi facilement. Le niveau de difficulté aurait pu, lui aussi, être inspiré de Gates Of Thunder, et ce n'est pas le cas, c'est regrettable. Avec Silpheed, Batman Returns et Night Trap, Bari Arm est l'un des jeux vraiment valables du Mega CD.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 13, 2003)
Overall I'd say Android Assault is worth playing, even if it was a poor choice for a launch title.
Game Players (Dec, 1994)
With a total of seven levels this game is probably not challenging enough for tried-and-true shooter fans, but the slower pace and interesting array of enemies and weapons could make this a good choice for younger players and beginners to the genre.
Le Geek (May, 2008)
This is a game that will definitely see more play time on my Sega CD. It's nice when you want a scrolling shooter but not a crazy fast pace. This one's a little more brainy than brawny.
70 (Mar 02, 2006)
Let's break it down into its essential parts then, shall we? You own a Sega CD, and you need games for the darn thing. Guess what? This right here is a worthy addition to any library, and its cheap price just makes it that more attractive (not in the ugly-chick-after-lots-of-tequila sense, just to clarify). Sure, it's more of the same, but it's so solid that you won't really be bothered by the lack of originality. Android Assault is fun to play, easy on the eyes, and has a great score. That's reason enough to give it a spin. So what are you waiting for?
GamePro (US) (Dec, 1994)
If you're a gonzo gamer who has to have every shooter ever made, then lift off with Android Assault. On the hardest setting, it'll be a good challenge. But will it be good, innovative and fun? Only the rawest rookies will experience that.
A side-scrolling shooter with a killer rock music soundtrack. Like others in the genre, there are several power-ups and weapons to collect. The only problem was the graphics; they were average considering this is CD.