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Cosmic Fantasy Stories Screenshots (SEGA CD)

User Screenshots

SEGA CD version

The intro is common to both games
Title screen
Cosmic Fantasy: The equipment screen doesn't look particularly impressive
As the credits roll, you watch nice animated sequences
Cosmic Fantasy: Hey baby, I'm kinda tired from the space travel... and the bed looks big enough for both of us! I mean: for me and my green, beastly, motorcycle-riding friend!!
Introducing the characters of both games
Cosmic Fantasy: Intro
Cosmic Fantasy: Landing on an unknown planet
Cosmic Fantasy: Character information
Cosmic Fantasy: you can view the whole map
Cosmic Fantasy: talking on videophone
Cosmic Fantasy: Random battle
Cosmic Fantasy: On the world map
Typical Cosmic Fantasy wacky animals
Cosmic Fantasy: In a village
Cosmic Fantasy: In inns and shops, you see nice animé-style pictures of the characters
Oh-la-la, baby! And this is an oldschool RPG! Now I know what "oldschool" means...
Cosmic Fantasy: Uh-oh, those enemies look tougher...
Cosmic Fantasy: Bridge area