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atari breakout
ESPN Baseball Tonight SEGA CD Title screen



ESPN Baseball Tonight Credits

66 people (54 developers, 12 thanks)

Sony Imagesoft

Executive ProducerRich Robinson
ProducersJohn Smedley, Allan Becker
Sega CD ProgrammingRussell Shanks, Bill Hicks
Associate ProducerGreg Oberle
Assistant ProducersHunter Luisi, Dennis Quinn
Lead ArtistsKatherine Roe, David Estus
Graphics and AnimationsDavid Estus, Steve Mitchell, Andrew Jaros, Bert Huntsinger, David Fenderson, Katherine Roe, John Scharmen, Ted Robertson, Scott Rogers
Sprite TeamsSteve Mitchell, Katherine Roe, David Fenderson, Chris Meland, Charlie Navarro, Joe Brisbois, Emmanuel Valdez, David Estus
Additional ProgrammingPaul Willman
Sound and MusicJoe Hight, Rex Baca
Video DesignGreg Oberle
Video ProductionDave Oberle
Technical DesignBill Hicks, Russell Shanks
Quality AssuranceRobert Baumsteiger, Justin Busch, Bruce Cochrane, Jose Cruz, Greg Kaine, Jody Kelsey Jr., Andre Leighton, Seth Luisi, Tobin A. Russell, Patricia Shanks, Andrew Stein, Martha Williams, Fred Wigand
Special Effects ArtJanice Squire, Holliday R. Horton, Leonard McVicker
Sony Electronic PublishingOlaf Olafsson, Lester Greenman
Special Thanks toTina Kowalewski, Tom Taylor, Karen Dole, Brian O'Hara, Timothy Hays, Altair S. Lane, Mike Giam, Brad Schlachter, Brian J. Wiklem, Andrew Zaffron


Executive ProducersSteve Bornstein, Ed Durso, Dick Glover, Tom Hagopian, Jim Noel
ProducersJohn Wildhack, Steve Anderson, Noubar Stone, Jed Drake
Special Thanks toDan Patrick, Chris Berman (I'll never be your beast of)


CommentaryChris Berman
Play-by-playDan Patrick

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (471358)

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