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Flashback: The Quest for Identity Credits

Flashback SEGA-CD Team

Creation & Development by Delphine Software International
Programmer Benoist Aron
3‑D Graphics Denis Mercier
Additional 3-D Graphics Thierry Perreau
Music Composition Fabrice Visserot, Jean Baudlot, Marc Minier, Patrick Sigwalt
Music Recorded & Mixed by Marc Minier, Patrick Sigwalt
Additional Engineering Francois Cousin
In‑Game Music Pierre André Athane, Pascal Perino
Photo Director Alain Ramond
Voices Recorded & Mixed by Yves Bourvon
Voices Randall Price, Bruce Benington-Porter, Joe May, Cary Guy, Lori Christensen, Olivier Toussaint, Manone Thumiah, Anne-Marie Joassim
Testers Daniel Llewellyn, Jason Sheldon, Richard Holdsworth, Brian Schorr, Tom Marx, Mike Schmitt
Art Director Denis Mercier
Project Manager Benoist Aron
Directed by Paul Cuisset
Music Digitally Recorded & Mixed atDelphine Studios ‑ Paris
Product ManagerPeter Loeb
Associate Product ManagerJohn Garner
Product SpecialistNemer Velasquez
Manual Design byCarol Ann Hanshaw

Flashback Genesis Team

Programmers Benoist Aron, Philippe Chastel, Paul Cuisset, Frédéric Savoir
Graphic Artists Patrick Daher, Thierry Levastre, Denis Mercier, Thierry Perreau, Christian Robert, Fabrice Visserot
Hardware Engineer Thierry Gaerthner
Story Paul Cuisset
Level Design Paul Cuisset, Patrick Daher, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Savoir, Fabrice Visserot
Testers Phil Bradley, Patricia Cuisset, Simon Hadlington, Daniel Llewellyn, Jean-Pierre Luck, Martin Smith
Many Thanks To Lori Christensen, Patricia Cuisset, Anne-Marie Joassim, Jean-Pierre Luck, Henri-Paul Cartalat
Supervised for U.S. Gold by Stuart Hibbert
Produced byDelphine Software International, U.S. Gold

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (51532) and formercontrib (159145)