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Lunar: The Silver Star Screenshots (SEGA CD)

User Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Title screen, Japanese version
What an interesting warning... considering this is Japanese version.
Those insects are a pain... Alex is under heavy assault.
The hero, in his future Dragonmaster outfit.
The heroine, Luna.
None other than Ghaleon, the Magic Emperor himself.
Starting location: Dragonmaster Dyne's grave.
One of the cut scenes: Nall is talking to Alex.
Character information screen
This is Ramus, your... ahem... friend.
Alex's home village
Entering a house.
Outside of the village, on the world map.
In the weapon store.
Cut-scene with the lovely Luna.
Fighting a baboon with a couple of other fellows. Unlike the remake, this version has battles on the world map.
Ocean, only ocean...
This place looks cool. Restore your health and continue!
Icy cave. I wonder how to push that boulder...
Battle in the icy cave.
This place is really scary, mostly because of the background music.
Fighting a Boss (See how much more powerful the party is?)
It's Time To End This...
The Magic City Of Vane, Flies The Skies!
Exploring On The World Map
Luna And Alex Practice