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SuperGame (Mar, 1993)
Os gráficos são demais. O som beira à perfeição. Perde na pouca quantidade de trilhas: podem enjoar depois de um tempo. É o único defeito. Este é, sem dúvida, o melhor "jogo" de CD até agora.
MegaTech (Apr, 1993)
If you like Kris Kross, Make My Video is extremely good fun. The mixing system is extremely simple to use and although the control you have over the editing is very limited, it still results in a very novel and playable game, although more for the mucking about element than for any serious challenge. Make My Video is definitely one of the more original and entertaining Mega-CD's I've seen and a good example of the Mega-CD's potential.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 1994)
Make Your Own Music Video was een volkomen overbodige serie spellen waarmee je zelf je eigen videoclips kon samenstellen. Het werd nooit echt een hit, al kon je aan de slag met Kriss Kross, C&C Musicfactory, Marky Mark en INXS.
Mega Force (Dec, 1993)
Troisième "Make My Video" testé dans Mega Force, et franchement, ça commence à me taper un peu sur le système. C'est marrant, c'est joli, les Kris Kross gazouillent comme des pros avec leurs jeans mis à l'envers, on s'éclate pendant trois hits - pourquoi pas plus, au fait! - à monter des clips pour photosensibles, mais la goutte va bientôt faire déborder le vase. À quand Metallica, Guns & Roses, Jean-Michel Jarre, Dorothée et Hélène? Allez au suivant...
Game Zero (Mar, 1993)
Well, I don't know what category you would place this under, but I suppose in a way it could be considered a puzzle game. The best part of the game though was the music. I wasn't to impressed with the actual "video editing" that was supposed to be going on. In short I became bored with this title pretty fast. Let's face it, this is a nice idea, but the graphics capabilities of the machine are the real drawback to the game.
Play Time (Apr 06, 1994)
Diesmal müssen die Jungs von Kriss Kross herhalten, um Euren Drang nach multimedialer Kreativität zu befriedigen. Die Videoclips dreier ihrer größten Hits stehen euch dabei zur Verfügung: "Jump", "Warm it up" und "Missed the Bus". Allerdings ist diese Angelegenheit nur etwas für echte Rap-Fans. Hip Hop won't ever stop!
To its credit, Make My Video makes excellent use of the new CD technology, with bags of fun live-action video footage, some of which is hugely entertaining to watch (Boyd is almost too cool to be true when he's on form). Unfortunately, the actual editing is simply too restrictive and simplistic to have any lasting appeal, and it's difficult to create anything truly unique or different because you have so little control over the editing process - the main challenge is in creating something that the caller will like, and that's not too hard to do. Fun for about a day, the novelty soon wears thin and, after that, there's little incentive to return to it, especially since the three Kris Kross tracks become incredibly irritating once you've heard them a hundred times. An impressive demonstration of Mega CD's capabilities to be sure, but not much fun, I'm afraid.
Make My Video fa un ottimo uso della tecnologia del CD, con vagonate di divertenti immagini dal vivo, alcune delle quali sono di grande intrattenimento. Purtroppo, la fase di montaggio del videoclip è semplicemente troppo restrittiva e semplicistica perché l'interesse nel gioco possa durare a lungo. Inoltre è difficile creare qualcosa diversamente unico o differente poiché il controllo sui processo di montaggio è alquanto esiguo; la sfida principale consiste nel creare qualcosa che sia di gradimento al conduttore del programma, e ciò non è tanto difficile. Il divertimento dura per circa un giorno, dopodiché la freschezza del gioco comincia a scemare e così l'incentivo a giocarci ancora. Per non parlare dell'irritazione che provoca il ripetuto ascolto del brani eseguiti dai Kriss Kross: un autentico flagello per le orecchie! Make My Video è certamente un'ottima dimostrazione delle capacità del Mega CD, ma non è molto divertente: provaci ancora, Sony!
Game Zero (Mar, 1993)
Jump! Jump! No don't, the CD will skip. Cool FX, but lame interaction. I don't know about you but I can't watch four TV's at once and call it fun. Better off as a virtual VCR Disc, Kriss Kross will stay in my car stereo.
If you're a fan of Kriss Kross you'll hate it, if you are not you'll hate it even more. Top marks for trying out a new formula but not enough variety has been incorporated. Probably fun after an excess amount of alcohol!
Random Access (Jun 28, 2013)
And that's the entire game. I wish I could say more, but there's really nothing left in this empty shell of a product! Marred by ridiculously ugly full-motion video and an extremely small selection of songs, Kris Kross: Make My Video is an abomination. Can you imagine if games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band only had three songs? Consumers would be up in arms and start rioting in the streets, smashing storefront windows with plastic instruments. This type of software was relatively new in the marketplace in 1992, so gamers had very little with which to compare it. Did you notice that after each Make My Video release, each band's popularity took a nose dive? You can thank the Make My Video series for that. Even though I'm not personally a Kris Kross fan, I can still say that they deserved better. Just leave this garbage alone. Word!
10 (Dec 10, 2009)
Make My Video as a whole series is a monumental failure on the Sega CD, and I don't know what I hate more, this series or Digital Pictures' other pit of a game Supreme Warrior. Both are equally bad and unplayable in my book. Isn't it amusing that the bowels of the Sega CD all came from Digital Pictures? Honestly, the best parts of these games are the cover art on the cardboard boxes, go check them out because they're absolutely hilarious to look by with today's standards!