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Midnight Raiders Credits (SEGA CD)

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Midnight Raiders Credits


ActorsTodd Jensen, Mychelle Charters, Michael Gregory, Jules Mandel, David L. Crowley, William Frederick Knight
Original ConceptSam Nicholson
Original ScoreMars Lasar
Director of PhotographyDan Schmit
Executive ProducerChris W. Bankston
Written bySam Nicholson, George Goldsmith
ProducersSam Nicholson, Tony Cabalu
Directed bySam Nicholson
Second Unit DirectorDavid Kuklish
Product ManagerPeter Loeb
Assoc. Product ManagerJohn Garner
Product SpecialistNemer Velasquez
Asst. Product SpecialistClint Dyer
Manual CopyHillary Clayson Loeb
Manual Art DirectionKathy Garfield
Manual ProductionKelly O'Hare Jonick
Asst. ProducerVy Nong
Production AssistantBerj Beramian
ProgrammingKevin Ashley, Jay Tautges
Game LeadChristine M. Watson
Asst. LeadsDerek Carmichael, Don Carmichael, Mike Williams, Devan Hammack
TestersGreg Watkins, Maria Tuzzo, Michael Baldwin, Arnold Feener, Chris Colon, Todd Morgan, Michael Wu, Lloyd Kinoshita, Phillip Co, Nathan Tam
Special Thanks ToThomas Kalinske, Shinobu Toyoda

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (228685)