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Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra Credits

MEGA CD Version

ProducerTomoyuki Shimizu (T. Shimizu)
DirectorS. Yonekura
Chief ProgrammerK. Masuda
ProgrammerT. Kaneko, Y. Miyazaki
Staff & TesterH. Tashiro, Y. Honda, M. Oshima, T. Endoh, H. Arai, K. Iwanami, E. Yamaguchi, Hiroya Tanaka (H. Tanaka), M. Kuriyama, T. Asai, K. Hosomi
GraphicsJ. Tsurumaki, Y. Nakamura, S. Mukai, Dice Co. Ltd.
CD‑DA SoundI² Project Co. Ltd.
FM/PCM SoundCube Co. Ltd.
Package DesignerAvanti Co. Ltd.
Japanese TranslationID Co. Ltd.
Special Thanks toJon Van Caneghem
Thanks to all who contributed to the success of Might and Magic III

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