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NHL '94 Credits


Design adapted byMichael Brook
Original ProgrammingMark Lesser
Sega CD ProgrammingPaul Halmshaw, Peter Veys, Jim Sproul
GraphicsDouglas Wike, Mike Swanson
Sound EffectsRob Hubbard
Original Music Composition and PerformanceMichael J. Sokyrka
Organ MusicDieter Ruehle
AnnouncerRon Barr
Executive ProducerScott Orr
ProducerMichael Brook
Assistant ProducerScott Probin
Technical DirectorsScott Cronce, Rob Harris
Development ManagerNana Wallace
TestingKen Rogers, Jeff Hasson, Harvey Bush
Video Post ProductionMike Swanson
NHL database transcriptionLiz Breiz, Jane Balenbin, Nina Breiz
Player ratingsIgor Kuperman
Player card photosSteve Babineau
Product managementChip Lange, Neil Thewarapperuma
Art DirectorNancy Waisanen
Package DesignEAUK Marketing Services
Package PhotosSteve Babineau
DocumentationA. C. Smith
U.K. DocumentationNeil Cook
Documentation LayoutPeter Larsen
Quality AssuranceBill Scheppler, Peter Murphy
Special Thanks toGary Roberts, Walter Stein, EA Media Lab, Cynthia Hamilton, Bob Borgen, Bill Lee, Richard Hilleman, Yun Shin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (27912)