Popful Mail Credits (SEGA CD)

Kids to Adults
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Popful Mail Credits

USA Team

DirectorVictor Ireland
Assistant DirectorDean Williams
English TranslationAkiko Skjellerup, Horkom International, Victor Ireland, Dean Williams
Sound EngineersBill Staeck, Don Shirley
Additional MusicBill King
ReprogrammingShigeo Koyama
Japan TeamSega/Falcom


Popful MailMelissa Gulden
GawBlake Dorsey
TattoShaun Watkins
MuttonheadKeith Lack
Nuts CrackerBlake Dorsey
SlickAshley Angel
GlugNancy Davis
Sven T. UncommonMatt Atwood
VenuncioGreg Soriano
MumblesJohn Truitt
WriphMarilyn Weeks
WraphKatie Staeck
LippsMike E. Miller
KazyrT. Owen Smith
Song Performed byJennifer Stigile

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