Written by  :  zemonn (176)
Written on  :  Jan 19, 2012
Platform  :  SEGA CD
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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A fun, RPG-light with well-done story elements

The Good

I had read that this was a great game that missed its chance due to being released during the sunset of the Sega CD platform. I had the chance to snag one for a decent price and am glad I did. The game is basically an action/adventure platform game (as mentioned previously) with multiple characters. The part that qualifies it as an RPG (of sorts) is the ability to upgrade the weapons and armor of the characters. Each character has their strengths and you can switch between them at any time in the game. This does add a nice touch to the adventure. Additionally, you build up money and items to use throughout the levels so you do have those RPG-type advantages. The control is easy to pick up and you'll be whacking raccoons with ease in about 5 minutes. No need for the six button pad, the standard Genesis pad works great (and I personally prefer the feel of the original Genesis pads). The graphics are actually pretty good given the limited palette of the Genesis/Sega CD. One of my favorite things about the game are the cut-scenes. I am not normally a cut-scene fan, but in this case I take the time to sit through them. Most of them are just static face pictures with voices, but what a great job with the voice acting and script! I should add that the scripts are slightly altered for each of the characters, so it's fun to go back and redo small portions with different characters to see the other scripts. Originally, I was playing through the Japanese release, but felt like I was missing some of the content so I'd highly recommend trying to find the game in your native language. A nice addition is that you can save pretty much anywhere. If you die, you go to the last door/screen change prior to when you saved the game.

The Bad

It is often called an RPG, but that's a little bit of stretch. If you come into this expecting a Lunar, Final Fantasy, or Phantasy Star you will be disappointed. Also, there are times you have to travel a ways to pick up or purchase an item and it is difficult to remember where the item was sold. The stores are placed somewhere within the levels, so you'll have to remember which area, which level within the area, and where within the level the store was located. The bosses aren't incredibly difficult, but often require a specific weapon, character, or tactic that may not be obvious. So, you can end up dying a few times before catching on. The saves come in very handy here!

The Bottom Line

Bottom Line: This is a really good game for someone that wants the character upgrade/money collecting/inventory of an RPG without the complexity. The control, graphics, sound, and voices are all well done. If you like action games and don't take yourself too seriously, this would be an enjoyable one to pick up and should be even higher given the lack of similar games on the Sega CD.