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The Secret of Monkey Island Credits

80 people (75 developers, 5 thanks)


Created & Designed byRon Gilbert
Written byRon Gilbert, David Grossman, Tim Schafer
Programmed byRon Gilbert, David Grossman, Tim Schafer
SEGA CD Conversion byDianna Carroll, Justin Graham, Vince Lee
SEGA CD Lead Testing byDianna Carroll, Leyton Chew
SEGA CD System byVince Lee, Aric Wilmunder
Background Art bySteve Purcell, Mark J. Ferrari, Mike Ebert
Animation bySteve Purcell, Mike Ebert, Martin Cameron (as "Bucky")
Additional Art byTami Borowick, James Alexander Dollar, William L. Eaken, Avril Harrison, Iain McCaig, James McLeod, Michael Stemmle, Sean Turner, Gary Winnick
Special Thanks ToBrad P. Taylor, Peter Chan, Ron K. Lussier, Vince Lee
Original Music byMichael Z. Land, Barney Jones, Andy Newell (of earwax productions), Patric Mundy
Lead Testing byJudith Lucero, Kirk Roulston
TestersBret Barrett, Mark Cartwright, Wayne Cline, Jim Current, David Dahle, Justin Graham, Carla Green, James Hampton, Mike Kerry, Kirk Lesser, Bret Mogilefsky, Aaron Muszalski, Liz Nagy, Ezra Palmer-Persen, Barry Gysbers, Jo Ashburn, Jon Van, J. White (as J. 'Fretless' Anthony White )
Produced byGregory D. Hammond
"SCUMM" Story System byRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder, Brad P. Taylor, Vince Lee
Additional DesignNoah Falstein
Additional Additional DesignEveryone else at Lucasfilm Games
Sword Fighting InsultsOrson Scott Card
Last Minute AssistanceTami Borowick, Ron Baldwin
Special Guest Film DirectorHal Barwood
BulletproofingKerner Complex
Chocolate Supply SupervisionAndrea Siegel, Alexa Eurich
Lucasfilm Games General ManagerSteve Arnold
Managing DirectorDoug Glen
Director of OperationsDavid B. Fox
Marketing ManagerStacey Lamiero
Public RelationsBetsy Irion
Art Department SupervisorGary Winnick
Associate Marketing DirectorKelly Flock
Manufacturing CoordinatorMeredith Cahill
Product SupportBrandy Wilson (Supervisor), Liz Nagy, Carla Green
Production AssistantsJames Wood, Carol Traylor
Administrative SupportWendy Bertram, Alexa Eurich, Paula Hendricksen, Debbie Ratto, Andrea Siegel, Lisa Star
Additional TestingLisa Star, Tami Borowick, Michael Stemmle, Tony Hsieh, Wallace Poulter, Ron Baldwin, Wendy Rae Clark, Sam Chan, Frank Toriello, John Sinclair
Sam and Max appear courtesy ofSteve Purcell
Cobb and Seagull appear courtesy ofLOOM
Cover ArtworkSteve Purcell (as S. Purcell)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (464234) and Freeman (65726)

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