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Shadowrun Screenshots (SEGA CD)

User Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Introducing the heroes: Shiun
Some story
Title screen
History: terrifying news
A mysterious man under the rain
Talking to a passer-by
Mao talks to her partners
Standard menu. Talk to the guy to the right or to your buddies
Mysterious figure
Out to the streets!
Getting information per phone
Accessing Circus Network
You can find some interesting archive pictures there...
An unexpected meeting
A delicate sitiation...
...which leads to a battle. The highlighted grids show the limit of your character's movement
Character status screen
The dice roll to determine the outcome...
Sometimes you have to decide...
A shop entrance
Top-down area. You can decide whether to protect the kid from the dog or to ignore it
The crowd is anxious
Terrible scene
The HP of the opponents is shown graphically