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Snatcher Screenshots (SEGA CD)

User Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Options screen
Interesting dedication!
The Catastrophe happened in 1996, in Moscow...
Neo Kobe Times - fresh news concerning snatchers
This is a snatcher
Intro sequence
A view of Neo Kobe, a city in futuristic Japan
The hero with his wife
A typical gameplay screen with things to look at and to investigate
During dialogues, character faces pop up in little windows
Talking to Mika
Practicing shooting
Jordan, your handy database
Entering your vehicle with your faithful helper, Metal Gear
A spooky location
Not a pretty sight...
Shooting sequence. Kill those spiders before your life gauge is depleted by their attacks
Well, not in 2030, anyway...
Historical information
Talking on videophone
A quiet house
A view of your own house
Some dialogues are quite well-written
You can investigate many locations in detail
But I do see something around that looks like a Konami commercial!
Nice place...
Gillian is always looking for women
Sometimes the game feels almost like a hentai "digital novel"
There are some weird locations