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The Space Adventure Screenshots (SEGA CD)

User Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Read this. This is the name of the hero!
Title screen
Some story
Cobra on his bike
Cobra and Jane
Cobra arrives and has immediately two options at his disposal
In front of a bar
Inside the bar
The bartender looks suspicious
More often than not you'll have such choices
Jane's first appearance
Cobra admires Jane's legs
Talking to a strange guy
Check out the graves to get some funny comments
A rose, is a rose, is a rose
Checking out Jane's back... uhh... I mean... her tattoo
Your ship, the Turtle
Here you can move around, aided by a mini-map
A familiar shape...
Wow, what a sight!
Choose a background for the bed
Parrot grass, a talking plant!
I'm afraid of spiders... and snakes... and bugs!! Those are caterpillars, anyway...
Rock concert in temple ruins! Love the outfit of the guy to the right
Ancient ruins. Pretty atmospheric location
Hedba City central square. I like the shape of that statue!
In front of the Playgirl. Jane is in her typical costume
Now you see why the game is M-rated...
the most colorful and romantic scene of the game