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20 em 1 Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen.
Game selection screen. The games don't have names, they're just numbered.
Game one: get the falling tools.
Game two: pick up the food, avoid the bombs.
Game three: stakeboarding.
Game four: avoid getting stuck while the screen scrolls.
Game five: get the cheese.
Game six: get the falling coins.
Game seven: motocross racing.
Game eight: drive while avoiding getting hit by the other cars.
Game nine: sail your boat while avoiding arrows and rocks.
Game ten: helicopter battle.
Game eleven: get the falling insects.
Game twelve: a classical space shooter.
Game thirteen: fly your plane hitting balloons and avoiding other planes.
Game fourteen: roller skating.
Game fifteen: pong with a twist - try to hit the mini-pizza inside the oven.
Game sixteen: you're a insecticide can shooting the falling insects.
Game seventeen: run all the way right while shooting boys with your water gun.
Game eighteen: skiing.
Game nineteen: run with the police car while avoiding the other cars on the street.
Game twenty: another pong variant - squash.
Whenever you win in any of the 20 games, this screen is shown.
Whenever you lose in any of the 20 games, this screen is shown.