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A real classic for Master System. Mumm-Ra (410) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Sega's rival to Mario in the action platform category gametrader (233) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
Good platform adventure with story, map, inventory and shops. Andrew Fisher (688) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Difficult but one of the finest platformers ever made Emperor MAR (2615) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations, special editions and non-story DLC items. 3.9
Overall User Score (67 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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VideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Nesta aventura, Alex Kidd tem de salvar sua cidade natal, Radactian, dominada por Janken, em 11 fases. Ele vai precisar de muito dinheiro e vai procurá-lo pelo caminho, quebrando "caixinhas" e pedras, superando obstáculos. Com o dinheiro, ele compra helicópteros, anéis, lanchas e motocicletas, objetos que vão ajudá-lo em sua missão. Os objetos sçao comprados antes de cada fase, entrando numa lojinha onde as mercadorias são expostas.
Qui n'a pas vu Alex Kidd ne peut se targuer de connaître un VRAI jeu d'Arcade-Aventure ! Oserais-je dire qu'il est parfait ?
Game Freaks 365 (Jul 04, 2005)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World is stock for anyone interested in the Master System. You simply have to own this game because it was one of the core titles that gave the console some sense of individuality, at least in the US. There are plenty of features to be discovered, excellent graphics, great usage of sound, and the only real problem is the control issue, but it's not that big of a deal. This is simply a great game all around and a nice display of what Sega could have done for so many more games for the SMS.
GameHall (Apr 04, 2006)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World é um dos motivos que fazem alguns colecionadores guardarem com tanto carinho a caixa básica do Master System na estante. As aventuras de Alex Kidd se eternizaram na mente de todos os jogadores de Master System — o saudoso príncipe de Radactian ganhou extensão indefinida em nossa memória. Por isso, em nome de todos os donos e ex-donos de Master System, Miracle World sempre terá um espaço muito especial reservado em nossa memória.
A modo de conclusión, solo cabe decir que se entiende por qué SEGA decidió obsequiar con este título a todos los que comprasen la Master System II, salió prácticamente al mismo tiempo que la consola, fue uno de los títulos más grandes que tuvo en sus inicios y encima lo protagonizaba la mascota de la compañía en esa época, así que con esa conjunción era el título más lógico para instalar en la memoria de la máquina, ellos querían un título que arrastrase a posibles compradores y desde luego éste lo era.
Sega Pro (UK) (Apr, 1993)
This is undoubtedly his most successful attempt. It was designed in competition to Nintendo's Mario and uses many of the same popular and successful elements. Essential Sega software.
Retro Game Reviews (Nov 13, 2015)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a charming action-platformer with deceptively deep gameplay. While it perhaps isn't as refined as Super Mario Bros. (1985, NES) it does have more variety in its locales and weapons which will keep you interested for repeated play-throughs.
GamesCollection (Jun 21, 2008)
Il voto dice tutto...avete un Sega Master System ? ...bene comprate Alex Kidd In Miracle World... Non avete un Sega Master System ? ...compratelo insieme ad Alex Kidd ! Avete un Wii ? Scaricate il gioco dalla Virtual Console... Insomma...fate in modo che sia vostro !
Retrogaming History (Jan 22, 2008)
Prima di Sonic la SEGA provò la strada della "mascotte" con questo piccolo personaggio, Alex, proponendolo in svariati giochi a tema, primo fra tutti questo Miracle World. Il gioco uscì nel 1987 in Italia e nel 1986 in Giapppone e ne furono pubblicate due versioni, prima una su cartuccia e poi una contenuta all’interno della console Sega Master System 2.
Pour finir, je dirais que pour le segamaniaque que je fus durant ma jeunesse, Alex Kidd fait figure de Mario. Le fait que cette licence (et cette mascotte) ait été abandonnée par Sega depuis bientôt 15-16 ans me rend à la fois triste (à quand un Sega Ages 2500 de ce jeu?), mais aussi heureux. Heureux aussi de ne pas retrouver aujourd'hui un vieux monsieur, ne comprenant rien aux nouvelles technologies et au TOUT-3D d'aujourd'hui, et engendrant un soft complètement à l'ouest ayant comme seul faire-valoir, l'aspect nostalgique/pigeon. Oui, heureux en fait...
Sega Collectors Guild (Mar 14, 2004)
While Alex Kidd in Miracle World was not the Mario-killer that Sega hoped (and needed) it to be, it turned out to be a classic Sega title that everyone should experience. Miracle World was a great start to a new Sega franchise, one that consequently showed a great deal of potential, unfortunately Sega failed to develop it into a series with staying power. Thus, as Nintendo still dishes out Mario titles even today, Alex Kidd is a dead franchise. Nevertheless, Sega's innovative additions to the gameplay in this genre were a welcome step, which led to the creation of one of the best Master System games ever, and only a few minor (but important) problems kept it from being one of the best 8-bit titles. It is arguably the best of the Alex Kidd games (with Alex Kidd in Shinobi World as its only competition) and is a Sega classic.
You will expertly guide Alex through the city of Radactian, dark caves littered with bats and fires, and through forests and plains on his motorcycle. You will have him flying above the sea in his Pedicopter, on the sea in his speedboat, and under the sea with only a good pair of lungs and a huge fist to see him through. The theme music is incessant, so it's a good thing that it's irresistible. The unforgettable tune--and a few others--will accompany you as you traverse the adverse conditions of the land, which seem so contradictory to its simple beauty. Charm, and fun will accompany you too, through this most difficult, but never frustrating, journey. Alex Kidd in Miracle World transcends and weaves its magic through the years, like a storybook legend.
IGN (Jan 25, 2008)
This was a landmark game for the Sega Master System, even if it didn't define the generation like Mario eventually did. The game is gorgeous and it sets the scene for Sega's continued use of color in almost all of its games. Seek out a Master System from the internet and hunt down the cartridge. You won't regret it.
85 (Jan 19, 2010)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World est une franche réussite, avec des graphismes plus que convaincants, une bande-son peaufinée et un scénario qui a le mérite d'exister. Il a su imposer sa notoriété pour marquer une génération de joueurs, comme seuls, les jeux de sa trempe savent le faire. Si son gameplay avait été plus travaillé, il aurait sûrement pu se hisser au rang de Super Mario Bros.
Defunct Games (Sep 09, 2006)
Before Sonic the Hedgehog there was Wonderboy. Before Wonderboy there was Alex Kidd. He was Sega's first mascot to compete with Nintendo's famous plumber. Chances are good that you met him in mediocre games like Alex Kidd in High Tech World, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, Alex Kidd BMX Trial or his Genesis outing, Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle. But before he turned into the pansy-hippy-like guy with huge sideburns, he was the star of one of the best Master System titles released: Alex Kidd in Miracle World.
Sega Does (Nov 16, 2014)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World was supposed to be “the one” for Sega: the breakout hit that would propel the company and its fledgling Mark III/Master System to Nintendo-like popularity. Despite what seemed like perfect timing, Alex Kidd never rose above “cult classic” level. Super Mario Bros. and the NES had Japan and America swooning, and Sega didn’t have the wherewithal to penetrate Nintendo’s dominance with the Master System. And while I would argue that Alex Kidd in Miracle World deserved better – both in 1986 and today – Super Mario Bros. is so ingrained within my being that I can’t help but view Alex as a lesser substitute. Alex Kidd took risks with the platforming genre when it debuted in 1986, but what did that matter to those of us who had fallen in love with the euphoric heights of Super Mario Bros? For millions of gamers, including myself, Mario defined platforming. Everything else was second best.
Miracle World's graphics were vivid and comical, and the music was equally perky. These child-appealing elements hid some challenging difficulty, though. Had Alex been on a more popular system, his legacy may have carried on to the next-gen consoles. As it is, he remains just a fond memory.
Video Games (Mar, 1991)
Eines der ersten Master-System-Module überhaupt gehört immer noch zum Besten, was diese Konsole zu bieten hat.
81 (Jan 01, 2003)
A nivel personal Alex Kidd in Miracle World me parece un juego de referencia, no sólo en la vida de Master System, sino en la historia de Sega, que por desgracia ha caído en un injusto olvido tanto entre los aficionados como dentro de la propia compañía, más de una década hace ya que no tenemos la compañía del príncipe de Radaxian, viviendo una nueva peripecia en nuestras pantallas. ¿Será rescatado de su ostracismo para Game Boy Advance?.
Retro Archives (Oct 07, 2017)
L’histoire retiendra de ce Alex Kidd in Miracle World qu’il aura perdu la bataille face à Super Mario Bros. – mais vu le prestige de l’adversaire, la copie partait déjà avec un sérieux handicap sur l’original. Si le jeu s’avère moins précis et beaucoup plus frustrant que ce qu’offrait le plombier de chez Nintendo – la faute notamment à cette mort instantanée au moindre contact -, force est de reconnaître que le titre comporte aussi bon nombre d’idées marquantes, certaines bonnes (la composante exploration, la variété apportée par les véhicules), d’autres moins (les boss se jouant au Jan-Ken-Pon). Reste un jeu éminemment sympathique, aussi simple à appréhender que difficile à maîtriser, et qui saura offrir un défi de taille à tous les nostalgiques de cette époque où on savait encore sauver un royaume avec rien d’autre que trois vies et une manette à deux boutons.
80 (Sep 19, 2016)
Its personality, as well as the catchy music, colourful areas, and uniquely varied gameplay made Alex Kidd in Miracle World a classic that’s still just as playable today. Modern players might be initially put off by the slippery controls, one hit deaths, and some of the more fiendish traps late in the game but with time and practice, there’s plenty to enjoy. What is unfortunate as that this is both the original game and the peak of the short-lived series. Though I quite enjoyed the direct sequel on the Mega Drive, I always considered and still do today consider this the better game. Even though Alex Kidd never captured children’s interest the way Sonic later did, the original is genuinely good in its own right. If only because it tried to be unique rather than merely copying the Super Mario Bros. formula, it deserves status as a Sega classic.
80 (Aug 16, 2007)
Vraiment dommage que Sega ait finalement choisi Sonic pour la mascotte de la firme. Alex Kidd aurait peut-être eu plus de succès. En tout cas, ses deux premiers jeux étaient bien partis, avec un système de combat fort sympathique et un gameplay très proche de l’autre mascotte, chez Nintendo cette fois.
80 (Mar, 2005)
If you own a Master System the odds are that you already have this game. And if not, why not? It’s a classic.
80 (Dec, 2005)
Nun denn, viele meinen "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" ist das beste Spiel für das Sega Master System, ich möchte dem aber widersprechen. Es ist ohne jeden Zweifel ein gutes Spiel, mehr aber auch nicht. Sonic oder Rastan oder Golden Axe Warrior sind besser!
Happy Computer (Apr, 1986)
Ich kann jedem Besitzer des Master-Systems empfehlen, sich dieses Spiel anzusehen. Auch Freunden guter Action-Adventures à la "Wonderboy", die kein Videospiel besitzen, würde ein Blick auf dieses tolle Programm nicht schaden.
Gamers (Germany) (Aug, 1992)
Geschicklichkeits-Klassiker mit vielen Ideen, Extras und elegant eingestreuten Puzzle-Elementen.
1UP! (Nov 02, 2004)
Il y a quelques idées originales, mais, à l'image des duels pierre, papier, ciseaux, qui au fond ne servent à rien, leur apport au regard du plaisir de jeu est bien mince. On apprécie les véhicules plus parce qu'ils permettent de couper court un niveau que pour le pilotage: la frustration de les perdre après avoir percuté un obstacle puis de finir dans un gouffre mortel est grande. Et l'on a peu d'occasions de se servir des quelques items sympa. Cela s'applique à une autre particularité du jeu qui de loin pourrait ressembler à une qualité: sa lourde scénarisation. A la différence d'un Mario, l'histoire d'Alex Kidd est digne d'un Santa Barbara ou d'un Saint Seiya: enlèvement, frère caché, "Alex, je suis ton père !" et tout le toutim. Tout comme le sous-écran carte-objets, cela lui confère le sens de l'aventure, mais dans la forme d'un jeu de plates-formes, c'est somme toute inutile.
Trifft man auf einen unliebsamen Gegner, so muß man mit diesem das altbekannte Schere/Stein/Papier-Spiel spielen. Ein netter Gag der Programmierer, wenn man bedenkt, daß sich das gesamte Game wohl eher an die ganz jungen Spiele-Freaks wendet, die in anderen Kampftechniken noch nicht so erprobt sind. Aus diesem Grund ist auch der Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht allzu hoch, denn mit ein bißchen Übung kommt man schon recht weit. Die Grafik darf zudem als gelungen bezeichnet werden, alle Spielfiguren sehen recht witzig aus und sind gut animiert. Nur der Sound nervt auf die Dauer ein bißchen, denn außer einer einzigen, recht kurzen Melodie bekommt man nichts zu hören. Spaß macht das Game aber auf alle Fälle, und das bestimmt nicht nur den lieben Kleinen.
Tilt (Jan, 1988)
Comme Fantasy Zone, ce programme est suffisamment progressif et les joueurs novices ne seront pas découragés par des échecs multiples. Une cartouche idéale pour les enfants.
Can you resolve the mystery of the map and the Sun Stone medallion? The people of Radactian City hope so!
The Video Game Critic (Apr 01, 2012)
I can see how someone who played Miracle World as a kid would have fond memories of it, because the game has an innocent charm. But any objective observer would have to agree that this has some serious issues.