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As Aventuras da TV Colosso Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen.
Choosing one or two player game.
Malabi gives Gilmar a magic potion.
Gilmar breaking stone blocks.
That flea won't go much further once Gilmar pushed that block from that ledge.
Gilmar on the waterfalls.
One of the plants is in the caves...
Priscila in the caves.
Priscila climbing a rope.
The boss says another plant can be found with the fleas living on a ship.
Gilmar surfing.
Gilmar drinks a potion.
Taking a ride with a bird.
Gilmar finds the third plant.
Stage three boss: two fleas.
Priscila breaking some blocks.
Prisicla sliding on a hill.
The first plant found by Priscila.
Bonus stage.