Astérix Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

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SEGA Master System version

A little background...
And there it is, the small Gaulish village...
Oh no, Getafix has been abducted!
There goes Getafix...
Vitalstatistix then sends Asterix and Obelix to rescue Getafix...
Getafix in front of Caesar.
Caesar and it's legions...
Title screen.
Round 1-1 map.
Round 1 intro.
These Romans must be crazy...
Take that, bloody Roman!
Your first enemy.
Humm, seems that we'll have a party in the village.
Round 1-1 map, choosing Obelix.
Round 1 Intro, Obelix stage.
Here goes Obelix, breaking some rocks.
Your second boss...
Round 2-1
Round 2 Intro.
Hey, careful with those jumps, Asterix!
Bad, bad Roman, spiting at people...
Asterix swimming a little.
Your third boss will send bees to attack you.
Round 2-2, now it is up to you to choose who to play.
Obelix doing some roof-topping.
Game Over.