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Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen.
Intro cutscene: the daughter of Psicone's CEO is kidnapped.
Main menu screen.
Options screen.
One player game start.
Pimple taking care of two foes at once.
Pimple and his hammer punch!
Level one boss.
Dark Queen taunts the toads between the levels. Only frogs would think of battling such a hot woman...
Professor T. Bird explains what comes next.
Level two. Yeah, you've seen it before, but now it is a tree, not a cave as in Battletoads...
Now, that's a bad excuse for a bonus level...
The bonus level: collect the bowling pins.
Level three: yeah, yeah, déjà vu again...
The game has some glitches, unfortunately.
Level four, the "snake pit".
Game over.
Snake pit level is much more forgiving on SMS than on SNES
Level five requires you to memorize it all
Another bonus stage
Level six - race down the tower faster than the kamikaze rat
Showdown with the Queen