Chase H.Q. Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

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SEGA Master System version

Getting in the car
What to buy
Taito Monitoring System
Stage 1 Course Map
Stage 1
You get 1000 points for passing a car
Say hello to the Idaho Slasher
Halfway there
Damaged the slasher's car
Stage 1 Complete
Stage 2 Course Map
Stage 2
Say hello to the New York Armed Robber
Damaged the robber's car
Stage 2 Complete
Stage 3 Course Map
Stage 3
Say hello to the Chicago Pushers
Damaged their car
Stage 3 Complete
Stage 4 Course Map
Stage 4
Say hello to the L.A. kidnapper
Damaged his car
Stage 4 Complete
Stage 5 Course Map
Stage 5
Say hello to the Eastern Bloc Spy
Stage 5 Complete