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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Credits


Presented byThe Kremlin
Programmed ByMichael Carr
Graphic artistsMatthew Hicks, Mike Adams
Music composed byAndrew Taylor
Sound effects byMichael Carr
Original game byMike Posehn, Paul Vernon, John Manley

Additional credits

Greetings toJohn Fermor, Chris Russell, Sean Doyle, Andrew Selfridge, Barry Fermor, Stephen Carr, Justine Chany, Sharon Winship, Julia Selfridge, Nemiss, Tonya Knight, Cassandra Altair, Thomas Maher (from The Kremlin)
OtherCollin is the Mapper Ready Yet
Bye ByeAlan Tompkins
Good LuckDee, Caroline, Jason, Mark
ProducerDarren Anderson (So Darren just what does a Producer do)
Other Michael have you fixed all the bugs yet
.Whooow it sure is strange being a text message

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