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Dynamite Düx Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen.
Bin and Lucy, his friend.
Oh no, the Terrible Achacha captured Lucy and turned Bin into a blue duck!
Here it all starts...
Oh, food and gifts! What nice enemies I have!
Bin aiming a bazooka agains a bunch of rats.
After using a bazooka, you get an even more powerful weapon, a water gun!
Bin must shoot water against his first boss, a walking flame!
Take care not to fall from this platform.
Your second boss, a bunch of rocks.
You're dead!
Once you defeat the pile of rocks, a door to the next level will open.
There goes Bin to the next level...
Bin throws a bomb on those piggies.
Bin preparing a super punch.
Paraphrasing another "Duke", "that's gonna leave a mark"!
Your third boss, something like a bunch of bowling balls.
Game over.