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Férias Frustradas do Pica-Pau Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen.
Options screen.
Intro cutscene... too bad there is no subtitles here, you can barely understand what's happening.
Here it all starts...
Pica-Pau (Woody) woodpecking!
Woody is about to fall!
You lost, Ha! Ha!
Should I continue or not?
Woody runs so fast he barely touches the ground.
A checkpoint.
Your first enemy.
You saved Andy Panda!
Thank you, Pica-Pau!
Bonus stage: try to get lives and money thrown by those guys, avoiding the other stuff...
Sercond stage, Leôncio's (Wally Walrus) house...
Second boss: Leôncio (Wally Walrus) himself!
Another friend saved.
Woody riding an aerial tramway in stage 3.
To defeat the stage 3 boss, you have to paint a target on his "rear end", and then peck it... don't ask me why!
Saving Picolino (Chilly Willy).
Woody on a boat on stage four.
Zé Jacaré (Gabby Gator) is the fourth boss, and he's holding Lasquita (Splinter).
Saving Toquinho (Knothead) on stage five.
Zeca Urubu (Buzz Buzzard) says "try the hard mode now"...