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Sound, graphics and animation are up to the general high, clean standards of Sega games. There are really very few ways to fault it except to say that the weaknesses of the video game are the same weaknesses of the real thing. Baseball doesn't flow particularly well as a game in the same way that soccer does. There are too many stops and starts, and too much switching between playing pitcher, hitter and catcher for me, at any rate to get fully into the idea of playing the game. Instead it's more like taking a passive, distant role watching the little men on the field play the game. Still, if you're into baseball, you'll no doubt be very, very pleased with it.
Eigentlich ein recht schönes Spiel, wenn der Zufall nicht so eine große Rolle spielen würde. Nicht der Bessere, sondern der Glücklichere gewinnt. Und noch was am Rande: GREAT BASEBALL hat eine verfluchte Ähnlichkeit mit Accolade‘s Produkt Hardball...

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Power Play (Jul, 1988)
Die Grafik ist nicht nur gut gezeichnet und animiert (die Spieler hechten teilweise dem Ball hinterher, um ihn zu fangen) sondoen auch glänzend abgestimmt. So hat man auch bei den Würfen des Computers eine faire Chance, den Ball zu treffen. Fast unmöglich ist hingegen das Fangen des Baues. wenn man die Feldspieler selbst steuert. Der Spielfluß ist flott und gut durchdacht, so daß eine Partie sehr angenehm zu spielen ist. Vor Menü-Orgien braucht sich niemand zu fürchten. Die gute Sprachausgabe ist ein nettes Extra. Alles in allem eine ordentliche Sport-Simulation für diejenigen, die mit dem Baseball-Regeln vertraut sind.
Génération 4 (Jul, 1988)
Ce n'est pas mal, mais la réalisation aurait dû être meilleure.
Tilt (May, 1988)
Ce programme très soigné, qui pourra déconcerter les novices, présente de multiples options : choix des balles de spécialité et de votre niveau de résistance ou sélection des joueurs et leur remplacement en cours de partie. Il est dommage que ce sport original soit si méconnu en France. Une bonne acquisition pour les connaisseurs.
Sega Does (Jan 26, 2015)
So Sega’s Great Baseball or Pro Yakyuu or whatever you want to call it is a wonderful example of technical expertise trumping legitimate baseball. I’ve experienced every single damn NES baseball game, and none of them ever looked as good or played as smooth as Great Baseball. If only the pesky behind-the-pitcher camera angle didn’t ruin the game’s batting scheme, then we’d be talking about an 8-bit baseball game even your Communist, baseball-hating buddies could rally behind. Unfortunately, being able to tell the direction of the ball as it approaches the plate is essential to the batting experience, and if that isn’t possible, then what you have is half a baseball game. To summarize in baseball terminology, Great Baseball is a double in home-run clothing.
In conclusion, there's a reason the great series wasn't looked upon as the best of sports titles. Great Baseball is definitely not the worst of them, but considering that fact alone and all I've said above should tell you about the others without me commenting on the matter. It has its innovations and a few aspects that I found well done, but it really fails in the areas it needed to excel in, and that's what drops it down in the end. If you really want a baseball title for the Master System to play, I suppose you may have to check this out since there are only two, but I suggest you do yourself a favor and pick up Reggie Jackson Baseball, you'll have more fun with that.
HonestGamers (Jun 03, 2011)
All of the flaws inherent in the way Great Baseball plays will likely limit any enjoyment you find in the package to the home run derby and nothing more. The possibility that you'll play beyond the tater contest is very slim -- certainly it's contingent upon how few other games you have to play. And that's because Great Baseball is neither great, nor is it even marginally recommended. If you’re a diehard Master System fan who has to have some baseball action rock your sleek black 8-bitter, at least make sure you have a friend to play with to make things a little more interesting. Actually, scratch even that. If you’re looking for great baseball, look almost anyplace else.
Defunct Games (Apr 23, 2006)
There is only one thing I like more than a good game of baseball, and that's a GREAT game of baseball (well, not really, but bear with me on this one). Unfortunately, the naming department at Sega was banking on this a little too much and decided that the original title, Baseball (which would have been more accurate) should be changed. So let me introduce you to Great Baseball, a game that seems destined for disappointment. Now that I'm done getting pissed at the name, why don't I tell you why this game is so bad?
The Video Game Critic (Apr 18, 2004)
The screen switches to a view of the whole field, where the fielders move slow as molasses. It's like controlling a team of 90-year-old men, only slower. The diamond doesn't look so hot either thanks to those stupid narrow dirt paths between the bases. Ironically, the field on the small "radar" screen looks far more realistic! The umpire makes audible calls, but some are really hard to make out amidst all the fuzz. When a foul ball is hit, he sounds like he's screaming like a maniac! The crowds sounds like a jumbo jet flying overhead, and for some reason they go NUTS over foul balls (which are painfully abundant by the way). Great Baseball is truly bad, but it does have something I've never seen in another baseball game - balks! I wish they would have put that misplaced effort into playtesting instead.