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Hoshi o sagashite... Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Finally I will meet Laila!
Back at planet Ilm
At the market
What an ethnic-looking man
Guess who's back!
Why did I have to knock on the egg?
At the library, looking for information
Buy a sightseeing tour of planet Palma
On a shady street, looking for the zoo
The zoo is closed!
This is just what I thought a bar in the future would look like
A drinking contest with an employee at the zoo
He dropped his ID card! Should I take it?
The guard will now let you in
Talking to an animal keeper about Mios
What a little monster!
The Mio has hatched!
Luckily, I've found a Mio cage
How cute he is!
Arrived on a new planet
This man won't let you pass unless you answer his quiz
Is this the house of a Mio authority?
Meet Mr. Kaos, Mio expert
Why didn't he say he had one himself?
Little Mio refuses to eat anything
Finally I found something he will eat
The home planet of the Mios
Oh no, now i killed him again!