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The Ninja Screenshots (SEGA Master System)

User Screenshots

SEGA Master System version

The Map
Fight your way to the top of the hill
An outline of the ninja
Who knew that Kazamura could walk through enemies?
The boss of bosses
Killed by the boss
"You cannot kill me because I am on the other side of that fence"
Avoid the boulders
NNow those damn ninjas are throwing Nunchackus
Step 4
Watch out for those female ninjas. They are more agressive than the males
"Hello? Anybody home?"
A female ninja stands over Kazamuru's dead body.
Use the logs to get across the river
Disappear to avoid attack
Fighting close to a stream
Watch out for the horses
A man that breathess fire. Wow!
"Climb over to the other side, so I can slice you up real good"
Almost there
Kazamuru scaling a cliff
Falling into the water
Well, there it is
Fighting in the courtyard
A warrior can't even go up steps without someone hassling him
Just another boss
Inside the temple