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Back of Box (Canada):
    Barcelona, 1992. It's the Olympic Summer Games, and your once in a lifetime chance to prove yourself in the world arena. You'll hear the crowd, feel the heat and experience the total rush of the ultimate competition. Break a world record. Smash an Olympics Game record. Or beat a friend. Here's the rundown:

    Hammer Throw
    Trajectory, speed, angle of descent, you get the idea. Don't you wish you paid attention in physics?

    100 Meter Spring
    You'll need a fast start and warp speed to have a shot at the gold.

    Springboard Diving
    Four required dives and one you improvise. Scores based on difficulty, execution, and entry into water.

    Pole Vaulting
    The hardest event. Plant the pole and time your release to clear record heights.

    110 Meter Hurdles
    Timing your jumps is everything in this event.

    200 Meter Freestyle Swimming
    Bang those turns but conserve your strength to sprint for the gold.

    The farther you pull the bow, the harder to hold your aim steady.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9550) on Sep 30, 2002.