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atari yars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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The Video Game Critic (Oct 08, 2002)
This game has a lot of good ideas. Strategically using your items is the key to finishing the game. Another awesome feature is a black bird you can throw like a boomerang, taking out multiple enemies at once. The jumping controls take a while to get used to, mainly because they rely heavily on momentum. There are seven stages in all, each with its own boss, and a bonus game as well. Psycho Fox is an absolute blast to play. While it's tempting to zoom through the stages, your best bet is a slow, methodical approach. The music is upbeat and quite catchy. This may be the best platform game I've played on the Master System.
90 (Mar 20, 2010)
Overall this game is a forgotten gem which served as an inspiration for future SEGA titles, most notably the Mega Drive title Decap Attack which copied Psycho Fox's gameplay style. Infact This game may have served as a direct descendent to what would become Sonic The Hedgehog as the style of platforming and the overall feel of the game bears huge similarities to the legendary Mega Drive title. And for that we owe this game a huge debt of gratitude. It is a game that I would go as far as saying is one of the greatest games ever to grace the Master System with huge potential to go on and become a franchise in its own right, but alas the popularity of Alex Kidd at the time as well as Mario on the NES ensured this potentially great title was left in the wilderness.
GamesCollection (Dec 08, 2007)
Un Action-Platform di elevata qualità che probabilmente meritava più attenzione. Se non ci avete mai giocato vi consiglio di recuperarlo perchè ne vale assolutamente la pena.
Mean Machines (Aug, 1991)
Sporting a weird storyline and even weirder graphics, Psycho Fox is one weird game. But it's challenging, playable and very addictive too. The way the screens are laid out is excellent, with loads of areas to explore and discover - I found myself going back to it time and time again to see whether I missed anything. There are also warp areas, as well as other secret features to discover, giving the game plenty of lasting appeal. Psycho Fox is easily one of the best platform games available on the Master System, and is a vital addition to any self-respecting player's collection.
85 (Aug 04, 2011)
Derrière ce titre un tantinet étrange, Psycho Fox nous prouve que la Master System n'a pas encore totalement laissé la place à la Megadrive et demeure une référence en matière de jeux de plates-formes. Mieux, le soft peut se targuer d'être certainement le meilleur jeu de sa catégorie tellement les apports dont il profite s'avèrent être innovants et bien trouvés. Rares sont les jeux de ce type qui vous donnent la possibilité de vous transformer en quatre animaux différents et de parcourir des niveaux à défilement horizontal atteignant des sommets de verticalité. La console de Sega tire sa révérence de façon magistrale.
Psycho Fox is very much a game for platform offcianados. It is Marioesque and features some very tough pieces of platforming. It has real lasting value. There is more than one way to get around it, adding to the appeal. The Secondary Game is also fun, offering something else to boast about apart from how many of the platforms you so far mastered.
Psycho Fox is both immediately playable, due to its fun graphics and familiar main play elements, and an enduring, challenging product, due to its finely set difficulty level (it ain't easy!) and numerous intricacies to become familiar with. At last an 8-but Sega game to shout about!
Sega Power (Dec, 1993)
With some of the fastest, smoothest eight-way scrolling on the MS and some massive levels, this was almost perfect.
Retrogaming History (May 01, 2008)
Stupendo gioco di piattaforme! A parte un sistema di controllo che necessita di un tantino di pratica per essere padroneggiato al meglio, ci si trova davanti ad un'avventura superlativa e ben strutturata che trasporta il giocatore nei panni di una volpe, un ippopotamo, una tigre o una scimmia. Psycho Fox ti sorprende (per alcuni, un capolavoro).
IMPLANTgames (Jul 02, 2009)
Overall, this game is a blast to play. You need to utilize all 4 characters to get through the game. The Bird-Fly side kick offers a unique weapon to help you defeat enemies. The colorful graphics look great and show off what the Sega Master System can do. Psycho Fox offers the kind of playability seen in Mario and Sonic games, and you will want to play over and over to discover every little nook and cranny of the massive levels. This is a great Sega Master System game, and a must-own for platformer fans.
80 (May 01, 2008)
In fin dei conti questo gioco Sega sembra essere un capolavoro da 9 o da 10 ma c’è qualcosa che non funziona come dovrebbe. È proprio il controllo che si ha sul protagonista a non convincere; tendenzialmente è come quello di Sonic: si comincia piano e via via si accelera fino a raggiungere la velocità massima. La differenza tra Sonic e Psycho Fox è che in Sonic questo metodo è realizzato in modo perfetto e si adegua perfettamente al level design del gioco. In Psychio Fox risulta più “legnoso” e non si adatta perfettamente alla conformazione dei livelli. Non è un difetto gravissimo, fatta l’abitudine nemmeno lo si noterà, ma è proprio questo piccolo difetto che divide un ottimo gioco da un capolavoro.
Power Play (Nov, 1989)
Obwohl "Psycho Fox" nicht das allerneuste Spielprinzip hat und auch kräftig bei anderen Vertretern der Jump-and-Run-Gattung abgeschaut wurde, bringt es viel Spaß.
1UP! (Mar 30, 2017)
J'avoue, j'ai eu tort. Pas maintenant en le rabaissant, mais il y a 27 ans lorsque j'ai cru, simplement à cause d'une photo, que Psycho Fox serait un excellent jeu de plates-formes. Une fois la manette en mains, l'illusion fut vite dissipée. Cependant, si comme la ménagère qui achète ses produits frais le lendemain vous n'êtes pas trop regardant sur la qualité de vos jeux, peut-être Psycho Fox vous rendra heureux. Les éléments définisseurs du genre sont là il est vrai: il y a des tonnes de plates-formes et c'est joli à regarder. Si vous n'en demandez pas plus, vous serez aux anges. Les autres risquent d'éprouver une déception. Psycho Fox n'est ni un fin psychologue, ni un dangereux psychopathe, il est psychosomatique, quand on s'y attache, c'est moins pour ses qualités que parce que notre esprit en a décidé ainsi.
Amstar (Sep, 1990)
Les graphismes de ce jeu sont simples mais ils servent bien l'atmosphère dessin animé. l'animation est également bien réalisée donc un bon jeu pour la console Sega.
This game does have some rough points, but the graphics, action and options elevate it to the position of one of the better Sega 8-Bit offerings.
Defunct Games (Sep 11, 2005)
This game had some interesting and innovative ideas, especially considering when it came out. Overall, sadly, it just doesn't feel like a completely cohesive game. This title is a little hard to find unless you go the route of the emulator. It is also interesting to see how many hacked versions of this thing are floating around out there. I've seen the fox represented by character models ranging from Sonic, to Pikachu, to Link. They're neat to see, but don't give the game any more of a fun-factor.
60 (Jun 06, 2018)
Despite this and other nuisances and flaws, Psycho Fox remains a capable platformer, just not a very memorable one. The personality the game teases with its title screen and ending is absent throughout journey, and it lacks the multiple endings of Kid Kool or the solid gameplay and charm of DecapAttack. I’m tempted to point out how it seemed like Sega didn’t even care that much about the game given its misspelled cartridge label, but that was somewhat common for SMS games. For platform starved SMS owners, I can see Psycho Fox helping to fill in the void, but reading and dreaming about the game 25+ years ago, I find the game hardly returned my excitement in favor.
Retro Game Reviews (Nov 27, 2014)
Psycho Fox is a fun title but unfortunately it's let down by some questionable design choices and lack of variety. The idea of being able to switch between characters on-the-fly is excellent but it's disappointing that the levels don't play more on these mechanics. Still, give it a go if you're looking for a decent platformer on the system.
VideoGame (Apr, 1991)
Parece até uma aventura de Alex Kidd, com etapas e estratégias parecidas com a do nosso velho conhecido. Mas aqui, quem se mete em diversas aventuras é uma raposa chamada Psycho Fox. Ela enfrenta Madfox Daimyojin, que é a sacerdotisa de um templo Inari - esta, por sua vez, é a deusa raposa. Para não ficar somente nesse bicho, Psycho Fox transforma-se, de acordo com a necessidade, em tigre (o mais rápido, para correr), em macaco (para pular mais alto) e em hipopótamo (para andar no gelo, apesar de ser o mais pesado).
Was letztendlich bleibt, ist ein durchschnittliches Jump-and-Run-Spiel, das nicht den Reiz seiner berühmten Vorgänger besitzt. PSYCHO FOX fehlt etwas der geradlinige Spielablauf und eine Steuerung, mit der exakter auf Gefahren reagiert werden kann. Sound gibt‘s zwar auch noch, aber die paar Effekte und die recht simple Titelmelodie sind nicht sonderlich anregend. Nun ja, wer Spiele dieses Genres mag und sich gern durchbeißt, wird bei PSYCHO FOX gar nicht so schlecht bedient.
The Game Hoard (Sep 30, 2019)
Rather than focusing on its potential for intelligent route optimization through multi-tiered levels and interesting power and form use, Psycho Fox ends up being a game about memorization through constant failure. The game’s awful relationship with screen size means frequent situations where you must blindly jump into danger or end up dropping from the high road into enemies you couldn’t have anticipated. Parts of the game unrelated to the constant blindsiding like the bosses come up short as well, with the few effective elements like the satisfaction of the invincibility power-up coming from the fact you get a brief reprieve from the game’s poorly designed levels.

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