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Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren Hoëk & Stimpy Credits


ProgrammingSteven Ettinger (as Steve Ettinger)
BackgroundsConnie Goldman
AnimationLance Hutto
LayoutsAlan Hickey, David Bean (as David A. Bean)
Additional Enemy BehaviorsCheryl Harada
Music & SoundsEric Swanson
TestersRobert Arellano, Rico Mendez, Bryan Smith
Special Thanks to:Darin Hilton, Shippy Ohka, Darin Hilton, Shippy Ohka, Laura Raines Smith (as Laura Smith)
DesignSteven Ettinger (as Steve E.), Ann Lediaev (as Anne L.), Jesse Taylor (as Jesse T.), David Warhol (as Dave W.)
Producer for SegaJesse Taylor
Producer for RealTime AssociatesAnn Lediaev
Big Ticket GuyDavid Warhol (as Dave Warhol)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Cassidy (21222)