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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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Sega Power (Dec, 1993)
Moody, atmospheric, action-packed and very playable, this is probably the best sounding game you can get on the MS to date - and that's the truth.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 17, 2002)
This game is similar to Legendary Axe for the Turbografx-16, but I like Rastan better. The main character is a Conan look-alike who must hack his way through hordes of mythical creatures. The characters aren't very large, but the artwork and use of color is impressive. The monsters look great, and each meet their demise in a brief splash of blood. Rastan is so easy to control that even the platform jumping seems simple. And there are some cool moves, the best of which allows Rastan to strike DOWN during a jump - a move that comes in very handy. There are a lot of ropes to climb and vines to swing on, and he can still use his weapon while hanging on them. With a nice variety of weapons and power-ups, this is a game that will keep you coming back for more.
90 (Dec 04, 2005)
So let's recap, shall we? Here is a game with good graphics, nice music, well put together levels, no glitchiness, easy controls, and fun. Sounds like a formula for a good game, doesn't it? Well, the formula does work. I highly recommend this game to anyone who plays the SMS, or maybe just getting into the Master System for the first time. This is the game that got me started. Check out this lesser-known gem and I think you'll enjoy your stay in Semia!
90 (Apr, 2005)
Somit behaupte ich einfach, dass Rastan auf dem Sega Master System das Arcade-Vorbild deutlich überragt. Dieses Privileg ist nur den wenigsten 8-Bit-Spielen vorbehalten. Zehn Punkte für eins der besten SMS-Spiele.
Retrogaming History (Apr 25, 2009)
Il gioco di un barbaro palestrato che gira con un costume da bagno verde, degli stivali rossi ed una spada possente potrebbe sembrare banale o ridicolo (quanto meno visto sotto questo aspetto) e invece è un titolo incredibile! Divertente, difficile, con un buon sonoro e una discreta realizzazione grafica. Il barbaro estivo sta ora riposando nell'olimpo dei videogiochi ma noi retrogiocatori siamo ben felici di disturbarlo ancora una volta per un'altra partita. Sperando che non si arrabbi...
90 (Apr 25, 2009)
Insomma, anche se Rastan presenta qualche lieve difetto è un capolavoro. Dire con sicurezza se è migliore questo Rastan o il coin-op credo sia un argomento poco valido e molto soggettivo. Il coin-op dispone comunque di una qualità tecnica superiore e di controlli leggermente migliori.
Sega Pro (UK) (Nov, 1991)
The game is basically a slice 'em 'n' dice 'em romp over many levels. You will find weapons along the way to help you, although you'll have to work out for yourself which is best. Good graphics and sound make this a classic game.
Defunct Games (Aug 23, 2009)
Among the limited Master System library, Rastan stands out as one of the best action titles available. It brings together good graphics, fun gameplay, and for the Conan fans among us, an ending that is very appropriate for a Conan-inspired character. I consider Rastan one of my favorite titles in my Master System library, and after comparing it with the arcade original, I think the Master System port comes out on top.
1UP! (Feb 08, 2008)
Quels atouts reste-t-il alors à ce pauvre Rastan dans cet univers impitoyable imaginé par Taito ? Eh bien, sa force brute et son agilité, car en dépit de sauter comme un rocher, il peut rebondir contre les parois, frapper en haut et en bas comme le Link de Zelda II, et dispose même d'un auto-fire. Il pourra aussi se consoler avec son graphisme qui, quoique peu artistique, n'est jamais de mauvais goût dans le choix de ses couleurs. Et ce n'était pas gagné d'avance avec un jeu des années 80 ! Quant à la musique, il paraît qu'elle est superbe et qu'elle a inspiré des remixes, des réorchestrations, et tout le cirque des gens sans imagination. Il doit s'agir de l'arcade alors, car sur Master System elle est jolie sans être géniale, avec ses quatre ou cinq morceaux relativement anecdotiques. D'accord, on l'avoue, on a quand même un faible pour la musique des palais.
It's a lot of fun and the 'continue' option allows you to get reasonably far into the levels. Would not go amiss in anyone's collection.
If you haven't played the coin-op it will still appeal as an entertaining hybrid of beat 'em up, platform, and arcade adventure. A welcome addition to the Sega library.
70 (Sep 14, 2015)
How could we sum up Rastan? Well, I think “pretty good, but different” would fit the best. The game itself is still a solid effort, giving the player seven stages to hack and slash their way through. You’ll fight challenging bosses at times, slaughter numerous enemies and make dangerous jumps like in the arcade game. That said, the arcade game could boast about the detailed graphics and great soundtrack that backed up the challenging “fun but basic” hack-‘n-slash action. On the Master System, it’s got the hacking and slashing down, but it lost more of that visual splendor than it should have, along with an unfortunate bit of the challenge. But gameplay is generally king in the end, and despite the plentiful changes this port underwent, it’s still a competent game.
Amstar (Sep, 1990)
Si l'animation et le scrolling sont corrects, la taille des sprites est un peu étriquée mais il est encore possible de distinguer les adversaires en présence. Ce n'est pas une reproduction fidèle du jeu d'arcade mais c'est assez plaisant à jouer.
Power Play (Jan, 1990)
Die Grafik ist ganz hübsch, die Objekte hätten zwar etwas größer sein können, aber im großen und ganzen ist das so in Ordnung. Die Steuerung ist jedoch unter aller Kanone. Viel zu oft springt man in einen Gegner rein, verfehlt eine Liane oder landet im Wasser. Obendrein wird einem eine Ruckel-di-Zuckel-Animation präsentiert, die nun wirklich nicht nötig gewesen wäre. Wehmütig denke ich da an "Shinobi", das auch nicht das hellste Spielprinzip hat, dafür aber Klasse ausgeführt ist. Rastan muß man nicht unbedingt haben.
VideoGame (Feb, 1992)
Rastan, um guerreiro caçador de tesouros, foi chamado pelo rei para libertar sua filha. Ela foi raptada por um poderoso dragão e é mantida como prisioneira nos escuros confins de Semia, uma região onde até os mais cruéis bandidos tem medo de chegar.
Na ja, der Sound ist mäßig, aber nicht unbedingt nervig, und die Steuerung ist recht hakelig, aber betrachtet man RASTAN als kompositionelles Gesamtkunstwerk, so bleibt eine recht ordentliche Umsetzung des Jump-and-Run-and-Kill-Automaten haften, die möglicherweise die Ausgabe von 90 Märkern wert ist. Besser als die meisten Heimcomputerfassungen dieses Games ist HASTAN auf dem SEGA MASTER SYSTEM allemal, was nicht heißen soll, daß es unbedingt über längere Zeit motiviert. Denn dafür hätten die Jungs bei SEGA ein bißchen mehr Sorgfalt bei der Gegnerwahl treffen sollen, denn die hüpfen irgendwie gehandicapt über den Screen...
Rastan is a fine game for the Sega 8-Bit, but it gets difficult to control the lead character in some areas. It offers up plenty of mindless fun, however, and is the best of its kind for the Master System.
Some pleasantly spooky music ameliorate sadly simple-bleeps and hisses. But with only one attack move and fiddly controls it's unlikely you'll want to come back to play this all that often.